Grounds Services

Grounds Services provides a safe and attractive outdoor environment at WPI. We maintain all of the landscape, parking lots, driveways and walkways of the main campus, the outdoor athletic field, and all peripheral properties owned by WPI.

Location: 37 Lee Street
Phone: 508-831-5500
Fax: 508-831-5855

Snow Removal

As snow starts to accumulate or when icy conditions become evident, WPI Campus Police notifies the Grounds Department, which is on call 24/7. Appropriate staff and equipment are brought in to address our campus needs.

Snow is removed from all campus sidewalks, stairs, streets, and parking areas. We clear snow from sidewalks in the general vicinity of WPI, to the extent of the furthest WPI property on any given street. Snow is removed continuously during snowstorms. Although we attempt to remove all snow on walks and streets within 24 hours, our ability to completely remove accumulated snow is dependent on weather conditions.

Salt and ice melt are used to reduce risks of injury due to slippery surfaces on walks, parking areas, and streets. It is important, however, for the WPI community to exercise extreme caution when surfaces are slippery, as our ability to maintain treated surfaces is dependent on weather conditions. In your travels, avoid walking on ramps or icy steps. Wear appropriate footwear, and move at a slower pace.

Please report slippery surfaces or your needs to have snow removed by calling our Customer Service Center at 508-831-5500.

Furniture Moving and Miscellaneous Rigging

Furniture moving will be done as time permits. Requests should be made through the work order system (please see Accessing SchoolDude).

For rigging or moving requiring specialized equipment or skills, Facilities Services will coordinate the hiring of appropriately skilled and insured riggers. This work will require reimbursement by the requesting department and is not included in the Facilities Services budget.

Informational Fliers and Posters

Informational flyers and posters are allowed only on designated corkboards in buildings and on private office doors. Any posters or fliers posted on any outside structure without special permission from the Director of Facilities Operations will be removed.

Chalking Policies

Recognized student organizations may advertise events of campus-wide interest with chalk on outside areas only - specifically, sidewalks and the Quad brick walkway. Campus-wide events include any event open to all students as well as fraternity and sorority events. Each organization is responsible for removing the chalk within one week after the event takes place. All chalk must be washable "sidewalk" chalk, not classroom board chalk.

There are areas on campus that are designated as "No Chalking Areas." These areas include:

  • Vertical surfaces, such as the side of a building and light poles
  • Trash cans
  • Steps
  • The seal on the Quad
  • Any sitting area (wood or brick)

Groups will be charged for cleaning if:

  • Chalking occurs on any prohibited areas identified above
  • Advertising that is for something other than a campus-wide event
  • The chalk is not removed within one week after the event

The minimum charge for any cleaning will be $45 for each separate location.

Equipment and Materials

The Facilities Department does not loan any WPI equipment or materials for individual personal use either on campus or off campus.


Mulching: In the spring, a layer of mulch is added to all plant beds as soon as the cleaning and edging has been completed.

Turf Care: Grass is cut weekly throughout the growing season. Reseeding or resodding is generally done in the spring to repair bare spots resulting from winter damage. Weed control is practiced when weeds present a visible problem or when they affect approximately 10% of a lawn area.

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is applied when turf vigor seems low, or on a more regular basis on prominent campus lawn locations.

Irrigation: Automatic irrigation systems are provided in the center core of the campus.

Pruning: Pruning is usually done at least once per season on species requiring regular service. Sculpted hedges or high-growth species dictate a more frequent requirement.

Floral Plantings: The campus has an increasingly expanding selection of local perennial flowers that bloom throughout the season. These are augmented with specific local annual plantings both in the spring and fall to highlight specific areas. Care cycle for maintenance is every week to 10 days. Health and vigor dictate cycle of fertilization and disease control in beds that are essentially kept weed-free.

Litter Control and Trash Disposal

Litter is policed on a daily basis. Trash receptacles around campus are emptied daily. Disposal of personal trash and any other refuse from your home into any WPI-owned receptacles is not permitted.

Integrated Pest Management

Pest management is generally undertaken when disease or insects are inflicting noticeable damage on plants or trees. Preventive measures are undertaken on species more susceptible to damage.