Keys and Card Access

WPI wants to provide a safe and secure environment for its community while still maintaining optimal use of our facilities. The Lockshop in the Facilities Office maintains the central key control at WPI, but each community member must share in the responsibility to assure security for all WPI students, staff, faculty, and property. Brass keys are issued by the Housing & Residential Experience Center to all students who live in a resident hall on campus or by the Facilities Office on an as-needed basis to any other building.

Location: 37 Lee Street
Phone: 508-831-5500
Fax: 508-831-5855

Please Note:

All locks, keys, electronic access cards, and access codes are the sole property of WPI. We reserve the right to change locks, keys, and access codes as needed. No one may place a lock on any WPI facility without the permission of the Facilities Office.

The cost to repair any damage caused to either mechanical locks or card access devices will be the responsibility of the individual causing the damage.

Brass key requests should be directed to the Lockshop and should be processed through SchoolDude. Please include core numbers, not just room numbers. Email and telephone requests sent directly to the locksmith for brass keys will NOT be accepted.

All residential buildings will be locked twenty-four hours a day. All other buildings will be unlocked according to schedules that meet the needs of the departments located in those areas.

WPI is in the process of upgrading many of the standalone card access locks around campus to connect with the network, so most card access requests are now handled through Campus Card Access. Requests for access to networked locks should be communicated directly to Campus Card Access via email, and standalone lock requests should be submitted through SchoolDude. If you have any questions about which locks are standalone and which are networked, please call x5500.

Lost Keys

Any lost or stolen brass keys must be reported immediately to the Customer Service Center in the Facilities Department at 508-831-5500. If the reporting of lost brass keys occurs during off-hours, the loss may be reported to Campus Police at 508-831-5433. Students, staff, and faculty will be charged a fee of $50 per key for replacing lost brass keys. Contractors will be charged $100 per brass key for replacing lost keys.

To replace a lost brass key, a work order must be created through SchoolDude. Please remember to include the department account number on the work order. Contractors should contact the Customer Service Desk regarding replacing lost keys.

If it is determined that a lock must be re-cored as a result of lost keys, all costs incurred, including labor and materials, shall be assumed by the individual, department, or contractor who lost the keys.