Meet the Team

Kathleen Head
Director Global Experience Office, The Global School

Kathleen serves as Director of the Global Experience Office (GEO) which administers WPI's Global Projects Program (GPP). She, along with the Dean and Associate Dean of the Global School, Chair of the Department of Integrative and Global Studies, and Director of the Great Problems Seminar, form the leadership team for the Global School and the GPP. Kathleen leads a team of five professional staff to manage operations, logistics, and student learning/experience within the GPP. This includes developing, implementing and assessing policies and procedures governing the GEO, GPP, exchange programs ...

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Krista Miller
Assistant Director, Global Experience Office, The Global School

As an Assistant Director in GEO, Krista is responsible for the administration of the project center arrangements, the management of exchange programs, the development of program budgets and student fees, and the maintenance of program information in eProjects. Krista also acts as liaison to the Office of Accessibility Services to assist students who may need housing accommodations while on project. Prior to WPI, Krista worked in the education abroad offices at both the University of Connecticut and the Pennsylvaina State University. Krista spent a semester in Paris studying at the Sorbonne ...

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Deborah Fusaro
Program Coordinator, Global Experience Office, The Global School

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x6941

Deb implements and administers outreach, admissions, review and enrollment processes for the Global Projects Program for the Interactive Qualifying Project, Major Qualifying Project and Humanities and Arts Projects. She is the primary point of contact for student advising and support in project search, application and placement. She leads eProjects database management for the Global Experience Office, and provides support for pre-departure preparation and off-campus travel.

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Rosemarie Alicea
Administrative Assistant VI, The Global School

Rosie oversees specialized tasks to facilitate key operational processes within WPl's Global Experience Office and SWEET Center. She serves as the front line for these two offices and proactively addresses daily business by providing customer service to both internal and external audiences. Rosie also supports students and their families within the Global Projects Program (GPP) with a focus on introducing the WPI eProjects landing page as students begin their off-campus IQP application process.  Central to her position is the management and tracking of Global Projects Program rosters and ...

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