Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research collects, analyzes, and disseminates data about WPI, along with ensuring that we have uniform and consistent statistical information for official reporting, IR provides support for WPI's planning and assessment.

Institutional Research's "data of record" statistics make it the primary source for WPI employees who are responding to external requests such as surveys, and are preparing internal reports that need statistical information. The office seeks to provide the official numbers for the institution by gathering its information and analyzing its data using the standardized definitions as a matter of policy. Our goal is to make the statistical information on the Web site available to all faculty and staff at WPI and to be the authoritative source for data-supported decision-making on a broader level.

WPI Fact Book 2016

The WPI 2016 Fact Book is now available. Please feel free to download a copy for use throughout the coming year. The Fact Book supplies enrollment and demographic data for undergraduates and graduate students plus admissions and completions information.


The mission of the Institutional Research Office is to provide data and analyses in support of planning, policy development and decision-making aimed at improving the educational experience of students at WPI. We seek to plan, design, and implement strategies for access to and analysis of data and report information to support the evolving needs of faculty and administrators.