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Please note: The Office of Institutional Research (IR) recently restructured and is now part of University Analytics. IR merged with strategic planning to form the Office of Strategic Initiatives & University Analytics. Information formerly found in the Office of Institutional Research will be found on this page, University Analytics. 

University Analytics, formerly the Office of Institutional Research, functions as the official source for university data; communicates and collaborates with all divisions to support data-informed decision making; acts as an impartial office to drive operational efficiencies; cultivates and supports data exploration; and completes mandatory reporting. With campus partners, we care for university data by attending to issues of quality, consistency, governance, and privacy. The office adheres to the Association for Institutional Research’s Statement of Ethical Principles.


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Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: Second Floor




average success rate for degree completion (undergraduate and graduate) over 6 years


students-to-faculty ratio 



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The Office of Strategic Initiatives and University Analytics is dedicated to fulfilling your data needs, providing Tableau support, and managing strategic initiatives for the university. If you cannot find the information you need on our website, please fill out this request form.