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City of Worcester

The WPI website has a very comprehensive introduction to Worcester, the second largest city in New England.

  • Childcare

    There are three main types of childcare available: private, family, and in-home. Each type addresses different needs, and is described here to assist you in deciding which type of care is best for your child.

    Private Childcare. Also referred to as day care centers, these facilities are privately operated centers featuring trained staff. Such centers primarily offer educational and developmental programs for children of varying ages. This is a good way to form a community for working parents, reinforce good child-rearing practices, and for children to gain playmates. These facilities must be licensed through the Department of Early Education and Care. The EEC, in its capacity as a licensing agency, licenses all child care programs in Massachusetts. EEC enforces strong licensing standards for the health, safety, and education of all children in child care.

    Family Day Care Homes. This type of childcare encompasses any private residence which provides care for children during part, or all, of the day. The total number of children in such a facility cannot exceed six. Such care is not a cooperative arrangement among neighbors. These day care homes must also be licensed by the EEC. In this type of childcare, children can interact and learn from one another.

    In Home Care. Childcare provided by a "sitter" or nanny can be considered in-home. This type of care can include relatives. Such services are usually found individually, and participants are not required to have licensing or special training. This type of care is good for small babies because of the familiar environment.

    The Office of Child Care Services (OCCS) can help answer child care questions that may arise.

    Local Worcester Childcare Centers

    • Apple-A-Day Care Center, 18 Oxford St., 508-755-0030
    • Children's Garden, VNA Care Network, 120 Thomas St., 508-751-6985
    • First Friends Early Care and Educational Center, 111 Park Ave, 508-791-4884
    • Elm Park Center, 284 Highland St., 508-752-1201
    • YWCA, 1 Salem Square, 508-791-3181
    • YMCA, Central Branch, 766 Main Street, 508-755-6101
  • Worcester Public Schools

    The Worcester Public School System offers a Parent Information Welcome Center to answer your questions about your child's education and options from kindergarten through high school. The Parent Information Welcome Center is located at 768 Main St., 508-799-3194, office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. More information can be found online.

  • Housing in Worcester and surrounding towns

    When renting an apartment or house, you are normally asked for a one-month security deposit plus the first and last month's rent. The security deposit will be returned to you when you leave if there has been no major damage to the apartment/house. For your own protection, you should examine the rented  property carefully before you sign the lease (contract) and get a written statement signed by the landlord about the condition of the apartment/house at the time you move into it. It is also a good idea to take photos of any damages before you move in to ensure you are not charged for damage that was done before you moved  in. The landlord, or lessor, is the person who rents the apartment/house. The lease or contract is a legal agreement between you (tenant, lessee) and your landlord specifying the renting conditions.


    In the negotiations with your landlord, you should:

    • know which services and utilities are not included in the rent--electricity, gas, air-conditioning, TV-antenna/cable, washing machine, etc.
    • ask if the landlord will pay for repairs
    • know the exact duration of the lease
    • learn the conditions under which you can end the lease
    • ask if you can sublet to someone else and under what conditions you may do so
    • be sure that the landlord knows the size of your family, as some apartment houses do not allow children or pets

    Tenant Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Useful sources for finding houses

    The WPI Residential Services works with local landlord to maintain a list of available rentals in the area. The list of available rentals can be searched using JumpOffCampus.

    There are web sites and several companies that specialize in finding apartments for clients in and around the Worcester area. While we are listing the following links, they are not produced or authorized by WPI.


    The local newspaper, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, is another good source. As a rule, the week’s most complete housing section appears in the Sunday and Friday editions. You can access the T&G Classifieds on their web page:

    Housing advertisements are also published in Worcester Magazine, a weekly, free-of-charge paper, available in the Campus Center or at local grocery (supermarket) stores, and drug stores.

  • Massachusetts Driver's License

    If you intend to live in Massachusetts for more than 1 year, you are establishing residency in Massachusetts and you are not categorized as simply a visitor. As a new resident in Massachusetts, you are required to obtain a Massachusetts driver's license if you plan to drive a car. If you have a driver’s license from another state in the US which has not expired (or expired less than a year ago), you can simply pay the required fees for conversion to a Massachusetts license. You can make the conversion after showing proof of residence in Massachusetts, given that you do not have any physical disability or prior criminal record.

  • Converting a foreign driver's license

    If you have a foreign driver's license from Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Germany, France, Taiwan, or one of the U.S. Territories, you may convert your foreign license upon becoming a Massachusetts resident without taking the written or road test. If you are not from one of these countries, you will be required to pass a Massachusetts written test and a road test in order to obtain your Massachusetts license. Although some foreign visitors may drive in the US with an acceptable foreign license for up to one year from the date of entry in the US, you must still apply for a Massachusetts license when you establish residency. Note that the one-year privilege is available only for the countries listed in Appendix A of the Driver’s Manual.

    *Chinese nationals cannot drive in Massachusetts with only a Chinese license.

    Applying for a Massachusetts Driver’s license

    If you don’t have a driver's license but would like to get one in the US, you should look on the Forms Page to get the most up to date handouts on how to apply for a Massachusetts driver’s license.

  • Banking

    There are several banks in Worcester. Some banks are local and others are national or international and have branches all over the US. When selecting a bank we recommend comparing services, fees and on line banking options.