Group Administrators

In Drupal, we have created new role called Group Administrator who will be able to manage the users that can edit their website.  This will give schools, offices and departments full control over who has editing rights to their website without having to contact CMSHelp or fill out an authorization form. 

If you are looking to request access to a website, please use the following links to locate your group administrator:

If you are a group Administrator and are unsure how to manage the users in your group(s), please watch the video below.

What is a group?

A group is used in Drupal to determine access rights.  Pages and people are put into a group.  The members of a group can edit any of the pages that are in the same group.

A group is also used to share content, such as announcements, events, news and media coverage.  For example, when you add an announcement you can select a group in the "Post to Website(s)" field.  Your announcement will then appear in the announcement block on any page in that group.

What is a group administrator?

A group administrator is the person who oversees who can edit the pages in that group by adding or removing group members.

Who do I ask if I need access to edit the website?

You need to contact the group administrator for that website.  You can locate the appropriate group administrator on one of the following pages:

If you are not able to determine which group administrator to contact, please email and we can help you to locate the correct person.  Note that the CMS Helpdesk cannot grant you access to edit the website, this is the responsibility of the Group Administrators.

Can the Group Administrator be changed?

If you are the group administrator and want to assign this responsibility to someone else, talk to your department/office head and ask them who they would like to administer their website.  Once a new person has been identified and notified, go to the members tab and either add or edit the member.  On this page, there is a checkbox for Admin.  Check the box and click save.  Now edit yourself and uncheck the Admin box.  If you no longer need editing access to the site, you can also remove yourself from the group.

How do I find the groups that I'm the administrator for?

You can go to the My Admin Groups page and search by your username.

Can there be more than one group administrator?

Yes.  Some departments and offices have chosen to have more than one administrator. The group admin can edit another member and check the Admin box to make them a co-admin.

Can I add a student worker to my group so they can help edit our website?

Yes. Students can be members of a group.  If the Group Administrator is unable to locate their account, please have the student log into Drupal first. This will create an account for them so that the group administrator can add them to the group.