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WordPress Help Desk

For assistance with an existing website, please call 508-831-6147 or email

How to Videos & Documentation

If you are just getting started with WordPress, the following videos and documents will help to guide you on how to edit your website:

How To: Add a Page -

How To: Add a Post -

How To: Menus -

How To: Upload Images -

How To: Upload Documents (no video) -

How To: Use the Block Editor

WordPress Tips

How to log into your website

Logging in is easy!  Just add the word "login" to the end of your website's URL like this: htt​ps://wp.w​p​​RWEBSITE/login

This will bring you to the CAS login page and you can log in with your WPI credentials.

How to add users to your website

Website administrators can add new users to their website by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Users menu in the left-hand navigation and click on "Invite Users"
  2. Type any word into the box for "Invite Code"
  3. Choose a default role (see Role Descriptions)
  4. Click the button to "Add New Invite Code"
  5. Copy the generated Invite Code and email it to the person you want to add
  6. When they click on the link in the email, they will be brought to a page that asks them if they want to join your website. 
  7. After they click the blue JOIN button, they will be presented with a link to visit your dashboard.  

WordPress Documentation

Below is the documentation for our custom developed themes.  These documents assume you already know how to use WordPress and provided additional information about the unique features built into these themes.  

Administrators (Project Center Directors) Project Center Websites
Editors (Students) Project Center Websites
Administrators WPI Radiance Theme
Administrators MPI
Administrators BETC
Administrators FYE
Administrators Lab Theme
Administrators Center for Project-Based Learning
Administrators Mass Academy

Request a Website

Faculty, students, and staff can request WordPress to develop websites for labs, student organizations, projects, and classes. WordPress websites are not intended to replace Drupal pages or to circumvent existing Drupal policies for requesting new pages.