Towing & Booting Policy

Tow/Boot List

Any vehicle with five or more unresolved parking tickets will be placed on the Tow/Boot List. When found, these vehicles will be booted and/or towed under the direction of the WPI Police Department.  The vehicle will remain on the tow/boot list until the owner/operator rectifies all fines, including a $75.00 boot removal fee. 

Location: Founders Hall
Phone: 508-831-5433
Fax: 508-831-5882

Towing Policy

The moving or towing of any vehicle on WPI private property shall be authorized by the Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police or designee.

Vehicles that are on the tow list are subject to towing, as are vehicles found parked in those areas designated tow zones. Abandoned vehicles will be towed. Towing and storage is at the expense of the owner/operator of the vehicle.  

Vehicles subject to towing:

  • Those that have received five or more parking violations
  • Those parked in areas designated Tow Zones
  • Those parked upon any sidewalk – or upon any crosswalk
  • Those parked within ten (10) feet of a fire hydrant
  • Those blocking a driveway
  • Those obstructing an exit or entrance
  • Those parked in front of/or the moving of, a barricade temporarily or permanently erected
  • Those parked on property not designed for vehicular traffic, such as walks, lawns, and open fields
  • Those parked in front of a gateway, entrance, or other open area
  • The following parking/traffic regulations delineate the towing of vehicles parked or standing, in such manner or in such areas as are further described or in any way under the control of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • No overnight parking between 2:00am and 6:00am.  Extenuating circumstances that dictate any vehicle to be left overnight must be approved through the WPI Police Department shift supervisor.  ( For example: employees/students working in offices/labs overnight, or disabled vehicle).
  • Emergency Access/Fire Lanes which may or may not be defined by solid yellow lines or signage
  • Loading Zones - Solid yellow lines with cross striping mark loading zones on campus and dumpster locations
  • Service Vehicle Only - signage identifies these spaces.
  • Reserved Spaces - signage identifies these spaces.
  • Handicap Parking without a valid placard
  • Beech Tree Circle
  • Fees: All towing and storage of towed vehicles will be at the vehicle owner’s expense. Towed vehicles may be picked up from the towing contractor upon showing proper identification and making the required payment. The application of towing fees levied shall abide by the laws of the State set forth by Massachu­setts General Laws and shall be managed by the towing contractor.

WPI Police cannot provide transportation to the towing company; it is the responsibility of the owner or operator of the vehicle to find transportation to the towing company.