Event Parking

The WPI Police will provide event organizers with special parking instructions regarding parking in designated areas. Organizers of large events should work with WPI Police to arrange for traffic control and safety and parking away from heavily used areas of the campus (at a minimum a one week notification is needed). 

Temporary permits are not necessary when attending campus wide events, such as athletic events, concerts, commencement, etc. However, visitors must not park in fire lanes, service vehicle space, or any area designated as a TOW ZONE area.

Location: Founders Hall
Phone: 508-831-5433
Fax: 508-831-5882

Note: When WPI Police or the Events Office are asked to have parking spaces held, the requester would have to arrange the following otherwise the spaces cannot be held:

  • A paid detail officer
  • Someone from their group/conference are assigned to be present to help their guests park in the reserved area
  • If spaces are blocked off in the morning for a later, or afternoon event, the detail officer or designee will be required to assist with parking only during the time frame that the guests are arriving

 For more information, contact Lt. Karen Confer.