WPI student project based learning global program

Build the future, one project at a time

As the global leader in project-based learning, we are driven to reinforce our successes, to continue to set the standard for undergraduate education domestically and around the world, and to provide the pathway for even more WPI students to create impact of their own through project work.

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 1st floor
Phone: 508-831-5200

of undergraduate students are eligible for a Global Scholarship to complete life-changing project work


global project centers on six continents


Solving a Project Center Placement Challenge

A new algorithm developed by WPI successfully optimizes process of matching students with global project centers, eliminating a manual process that often saw students put on wait lists. Now 100 percent of students are placed in project centers that they are “very interested" in. 


Global for All

At WPI, we know that the best way for students to understand and appreciate societal issues is to experience them firsthand. We want every student to be part of a global experience. That's why every undergraduate, beginning with the first-year class entering in the Fall of 2018, now receives a Global Scholarship to complete life-changing project work. 


Value Creation: The Next Step Beyond Theory and Practice

Along with theory and practice, value creation—a way of finding, thinking about, and implementing work that will have a sustainable and essential impact in the world—also helps distinguish the work done here and is what separates ideas that become successful and those that fail.

Building Foundations for Future Success

WPI’s campus is a special place, oftentimes sealing the decision for many undergraduates who fall in love with the environment and community that comes with it, but that’s just half of the equation. They also come here with the full intention of leaving, of immersing themselves in endeavors focused on social changes as they grow as contributors and leaders.

With the regular addition of new project centers and co-op experiences with companies like Disney, Tesla, and Boston Scientific, the opportunities are as varied as the students themselves, allowing them to lay the groundwork essential to their success.

In 2017, WPI was named a Grand Challenges Scholars school by the National Academy of Engineering in recognition of how the university prepares scientists and engineers to look beyond their technical skills and use their education to do social good, which also helps them connect their education with their passion.

My project work at WPI has revealed and prepared me for the challenges and rewards of real-life problem-solving in a powerful, firsthand way.
  • Daniel Wivagg, Senior
Leroy Norman Reeve Collection, 1906-1978

Leroy Norman Reeve's collection includes professional reports, publications, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, photographs and correspondence. Leroy Norman Reeve, Class of 1906, assisted in the design and supervision of power and flood control dams at Yellowstone as well as the Hog Island Shipyard. Reeve later joined the Stone and Webster Engineering Corporation where he designed the Conowingo Dam and hydroelectric power plant on the Susquewana River. He worked in Japan during the 1920s for the Shogawa Hydroelectric Company and the Musashi Engineering Corporation.

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