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In alignment with WPI’s mission and values, we encouraged participation across our community in building the implementation teams.  Our goal was to ensure diverse viewpoints and representation would be included on the teams.  A process was established to solicit community members to volunteer, or nominate a colleague, to participate on a team.  As a result, the established teams consist of new voices from a diverse group of faculty and staff from various schools and departments.  Together, these teams and our community as a whole, are engaged in moving the Lead With Purpose plan forward.

Team Rosters from Implementation Year 1 are found below.

Student Well-Being, Access, and Affordability

  • Access and Affordability

    Terri Camesano* (co-Lead)

    Andy Palumbo* (co-Lead)

    Paul Bennett

    Julie Chapman

    Jeannine Coburn

    Amanda Keighley

    Olga Klochkova

    Arnold Lane

    Ryan Meadows

    Levi Prudhomme

    Tally Reeverts

    Jessica Sabourin

    Lynn Saunders

    Karen Sharpe

    Craig Shue

    Mark Tarrico

    Mary Ellen Valcour

    Monelle Verdolino

  • Student Well-Being

    Charlie Morse* (Lead)

    Paula Fitzpatrick

    Mental Health and Well-being Task Force (through Dec 2021)

  • Student Experience

    Funmi Ayobami* (co-Lead)

    Jaime Dillon* (co-Lead)

    Debra Boucher

    Crystal Brown

    Cheryl Cerny

    Kathy Chen

    Brett Faber

    Stacey Happy

    Rachael Heard

    Lori Kendall-Taylor

    Amy Beth Laythe

    Meredith Merchant

    Anne Ogilvie

    Sabrina Rebecchi

    Taylor Rohena

    Jess Rosewitz

    Hermine Vedogbeton

    Catherine Whittington

    Kris Wobbe

Purpose-Driven Education and Research

  • Undergraduate Outcomes

    George Pins* (co-Lead)

    Paul Reilly* (co-Lead)

    Kate Beverage

    Amy Curran

    Dan DiMassa

    Jessica Grimes

    Mike Hamilton

    Destin Heilman

    Caitlin Keller

    Amanda Laungani

    Melissa Leahy

    Reinhold Ludwig

    Dave Medich

    Rodica Neamtu

    Stephanie Pasha

    Emily Perlow

  • Demand-Driven Programs

    Stacy Chiaramonte* (co-Lead)

    Mimi Sheller* (co-Lead)

    Kola Akindele

    Rob Dempski

    Jill Desmarais

    Don Gelosh

    Sheila Georger

    Sneha Kadam

    Kristin Marengo

    Lauren Martunas

    Jody Reis

    Valerie Smedile-Rifkin

    Sarah Stanlick

    Steve Taylor

    Melissa Terrio

    Rob Traver

    Alex Wyglinski

  • Purpose-Driven Research

    Jean King* (co-Lead)

    Bogdan Vernescu* (co-Lead)

    Kola Akindele

    Eric Beattie

    Danielle Cote

    Soussan Djamasbi

    Natalie Farny

    Jillian Ferguson

    Greg Fischer

    Brajendra Mishra

    Paula Moravek

    Sia Najafi

    Randy Paffenroth

    Andrew Penniman

    Doug Petkie

    Ellen Piccioli

    Marsha Rolle

    Suzanne Scarlata

    Mimi Sheller

    Sarah Strauss

    Jamal Yagoobi

Our Inclusive Community

  • Sustainable Inclusive Excellence

    Chris Chagnon* (co-Lead)

    Debora Jackson* (co-Lead)

    Bill Battelle

    Kris Billiar

    Kathy Chen

    Amy Curran

    Lindsay Davis

    Jaime Dillon

    Monica Ellis

    Amy Fabiano

    Brent French

    Liz Gallagher

    Roxanne Gardner

    Antoine Harrison

    Paul Mathisen

    Anne Ogilvie

    Andy Palumbo

    Ellen Piccioli

    Levi Prudhomme

    Rachel Riley-Schafer

    Lisa Stoddard

    Kris Sullivan

  • Inclusive Culture

    James De Leon* (co-Lead)

    Arne Gericke* (co-Lead)

    Lisa Atwell

    Christopher Bartley

    Bill Battelle

    Kris Boudreau

    Eileen Gallant

    George Heineman

    David LaPre

    Julia Quinn-Szcesuil

    Theona Scola

    Christine Sharry

    Colleen Shaver