Waitlists for closed courses are established chronologically.  Students must claim approved seats upon notification of the seat being available.    The typical advice given to students regarding waitlisting courses includes the following:

  1. While you have nothing to lose by putting your name on the waitlist, always have an alternate plan in mind in case you do not get a seat from the waitlist.
  2. Do not drop a class until after you have received a seat from the waitlist.
  3. Be patient and keep checking your WPI e-mail.
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Office Location: Room 435
Phone: 508-831-5211
Fax: 508-831-5931

You should discuss selection of an alternate class with your academic advisor in case you are not able to get into the course that you are waitlisted for. Please be advised that the system will allow you to waitlist a course that will have a time conflict with another course you are registered for or for a course that will put you in an overload status. Please note:  If you do not register for the course within 72 hours of receipt of the notification email, you will lose the seat.