<a href="/people/staff/mtaricco">Mark Taricco</a>

Mark Taricco

Executive Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations
Mark Taricco serves as the Executive Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).  He is responsible for providing high quality IT services to the growing WPI community through the continued management and strategic planning of scalable and secure enterprise systems, networking, servers, virtualization and storage environments. Additionally, he oversees the ITSM, Service Support, and Desktop Services department. ... View Profile

Charles Davidson

Information Security Engineer
Phone: 508-831-6250
<a href="/people/staff/bjhiggins">Ben Higgins</a>

Ben Higgins

Network Manager
Office: Lower Wedge - Network Operations Center

Joseph Johnston

Telecommunications Engineer
Phone: 508-831-4880

Joseph Krzeszewski

Manager Telecomm/Access System

James MacDonald

Systems Engineer
Office: Network Operations, Lower Wedge

Frank Sweetser

Director of Network Operations
Phone: 508-831-6063