Research Integrity and Compliance

WPI is committed to scientific and ethical integrity as well as academic excellence in all research activities with which our students, faculty and staff are associated. This website provides information on how WPI supports research integrity and safety.

  • Laboratory, Radiation, and Biological Safety: The Office of Environmental Health & Safety provides a broad range of services for the protection and promotion of a safe research environment. 
  • Animal Subjects:  The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee at WPI is charged with overseeing and evaluating WPI’s animal program, procedures, and facilities to ensure that it is consistent with all applicable guidelines, recommendations, and regulations.
  • Human Subjects: The Institutional Review Board overall goal is to promote and support efforts to conduct innovative research at WPI, which protects the rights and promotes the welfare of human subjects.
  • Research Misconduct: WPI has developed an in-depth policy (Policy on Research Conduct (PDF)) to respond to allegations of research misconduct.