Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2007
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, 2016
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, PhD in Civil Engineering, Expected 2019

Jessica's research focuses on the design and repair of structural materials. Part of Nima Rahbar's Bioinspired Material Design Lab, her first project involved finite element analysis of a joint repair for the 15th century statue Adam by Tullio Lombardo, now on display at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her second project was the design and analysis of a concrete composite material, made in part with a 3D-printer. And currently, she is working on design of a biologic surface repair for cracked concrete structures. Jessica has been interested in engineering education since her undergraduate days. In her junior year, she participated in the NSF PIEE Project, designing and implementing engineering lesson plans in a local Worcester 2nd grade classroom. Now, each year she hosts a high school junior for a week, demonstrating what it's like in a research laboratory. During the summer she mentors 1-2 young undergraduates in the NSF REU program for 10 weeks, advocating and training for a graduate education. And for 2 years running now, she has made and demonstrated an Augmented Reality Sandbox for the annual summer science and engineering festival at WPI, TouchTomorrow.