Affiliated Department
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, MS (Computer Science), 2012
National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, BS (Computer Science), 2003

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science department. My general research interests include data mining, big data analytics and machine learning. I am also a Fulbright Scholar for PhD studies since 2013. I completed MS in Computer Science in 2012 from NUCES, Islamabad, Pakistan. My current work involves finding similarity in time series datasets. I have previously worked on Data integration of spatial temporal data and association rule mining of evolving datasets.


  • First place, PhD level, Graduate Research Innovation Exchange, WPI 2017
  • People‚Äôs Choice award, Graduate Research Innovation Exchange, WPI 2017 
  • Computer Science Graduate Leadership award 2016
  • Junior PhD Research Poster Award 2015
  • Second place, PhD level , Graduate Research Innovation Exchange 2015
  • World fellowship award, Delta Kappa Gamma society international, 2013