Higgins Labs 107
BS Sharif University of Technology, 2010
PhD University of New Hampshire, 2016

I joined WPI as an Assistant Teaching Professor in Fall 2021. I believe that a thriving engineering education is based on three key aspects: 1) providing necessary information to solve a problem effectively, 2) teaching problem solving skills, and 3) facilitating collaboration within and outside college in order to apply knowledge to solve open-ended problems. Since the start of my teaching career in 2016, I have developed a teaching philosophy that is based on an equilibrium among these three aspects. I also strive to make STEM education more accessible to the generations with minimum exposure to it on either side of the typical college students (middle school and high school students on one hand and professionals on the other hand).

My research expertise are experimental fluid dynamics, turbulent flows and reduced order modeling. I have been continuously publishing peer-reviewed articles since 2015 and attending professional conferences since 2011. I also serve as an invited reviewer of several scientific journals.

I enjoy working with publicly available data in my spare time to generate informative yet presentable graphs. Predicting the temperature and precipitation level of more than 200 US cities in the next few decades and comparing the performance of NBA superstars in clutch time to name a few, are some examples of my work.

Scholarly Work

M.E. Wengrove, A. Ebadi, C.M. White, D.L Foster, Evaluation of the momentum integral method to determine the wall skin friction in separated flows, Experiments in Fluids 61-12 (2020): 1-13

A. Ebadi, J.C. Cuevas Bautista, C.M. White, G.P. Chini and J.C. Klewicki, A heat transfer model of fully-developed turbulent channel flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 884 (2020)

A. Ebadi, C.M. White I. Pond and Y. Dubief, Mean dynamics and transition to turbulence in reciprocating channel flow, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 880 (2019): 864-889

D. Biles, A. Ebadi, M. Allard and C.M. White, The Design and Validation of a Thermal Boundary Layer Wall Plate, Journal of Fluids Engineering (2019): 121403

I. Pond, A. Ebadi, Y. Dubief and C.M. White, An integral validation technique of RANS turbulence models, Computers & Fluids, 149 (2017): 150-159

A. Ebadi, F. Mehdi and C.M. White, An exact integral method to evaluate wall heat flux in spatially developing two-dimensional wall-bounded flows, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 84 (2015): 856-861

Professional Highlights & Honors
Invited Reviewer ,
Physical Review Fluids, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP),