Photo of Adryen Jean on the red carpet at the Portland Festival of Cinema, Animation and Technology in Portland Oregon.
FL B19
+1 (508) 8316233
Affiliated Department or Office
Interactive Media and Game Development

Adryen Jean is an animated film producer bringing artists together to tell the stories that they want to. The goal of Adryen’s studio is to make entertaining art from the interests, loves and experiences of the artists on the film teams. This often entails making jokes or sometimes blowing minds while touching on or looking at subjects that matter to the artistic teams, even if they are grotesque topics. 

Adryen’s personal work deals with the issues of cultural displacement, forced assimilation and loss of identity, all of which touch the displaced Pueblo Native personally.  As an educator Adryen broadly strives to instill a developed sense of "the self" and an understanding of provenance in each of their students through personal reflection and cultural exploration. The focus of Adryen’s advanced mentorship is to prepare students for their future as professionals in their chosen artistic fields, specifically how to navigate industries while not part of majority communities.