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Affiliated Department or Office
BS, Bioengineering University of California, San Diego 1997
BS, Biochemistry & Cell Biology University of California, San Diego 1997
PhD, Bioengineering University of California, San Diego 2005
Postdoc Neural Circuits and Behavior Rockefeller University, NYC 2007-2012

My research is in the area of microtechnology and neuroscience, with a focus on developing quantitative tools to study how neural signals govern behavior. My laboratory aims to investigate the molecular and genetic basis of neural circuit function and dynamics, to develop bioinformatic tools for analysis of high-content neural data, and to design rapid cellular and whole-organism screens for therapeutic drugs and genetic modulators affecting neural disease. Research in the lab develops an interdisciplinary set of skills in microfabrication, computation and modeling, lab automation/robotics, molecular biology, genetic engineering, optogenetics, microscopy, and quantitative systems biology. We work primarily with living model organisms, such as the nematode C. elegans, that are amenable to rapid genetic analysis and screening; we aim to then translate our findings toward clinical applications in the treatment of neural disorders. I look forward to teaching students about topics related to quantitative biology, including the source, measurement, perturbation, and analysis of biological signals. I enjoy working together with students of different backgrounds-- engineering, biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics-- as student projects and our lab research benefit greatly from the complementary approaches of these fields. As a group, we aim to accelerate biomedical discovery by applying engineering principles to increase efficiency and decrease costs. It is a great reward to mentor students to help them become independent scientists with the strong interdisciplinary skills they will need to advance the future of healthcare.

Professional Highlights & Honors
, 2016
, 2014
IEEE-EMBS BRAIN Grand Challenges Conference
, 2003
, 1999