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+1 (508) 8315441
Affiliated Department or Office
MFA Writing for the Screen and Stage, Point Park University, 2022
Master of Technical and Professional Writing, Northeastern University, 1998
BS Natural Science, Worcester State College, 1992

My primary focus is technical and professional writing, though I also teach other writing courses less technical in nature. Having spent over 20 years in industry as a professional writer, I tend to think about how I can help students become stronger writers in the workplace. My background as a practitioner has instilled in me the simple concept of learning by doing, so my courses are mostly based on the practice of writing. I also believe that, in becoming stronger writers, students should enjoy the process. So I try to structure my classes in a way that allows students to improve their writing skills while writing about topics that interest them. My approach is to combine lectures on concepts with practical assignments that have individuals and groups work on real-world exercises and projects.

I am also interested in helping aspiring professional writers understand, plan for, and work toward a career in writing, including building résumés and portfolios that will make prospective employers take a second look. But even if students do not want to become professional writers, they inevitably will have to combine writing with their profession. With this in mind, I try to ensure that students not only become stronger writers but also understand what it will mean to become subject matter experts on writing projects in their future jobs.

My other writing interests include screenwriting, which was my motivation to earn my MFA in Writing for the Screen and Stage and to create a screenwriting course at WPI. I have written several screenplays and begun countless others. I can only hope someday to see one of them play out on screen.


Scholarly Work

"Creating Effective JavaHelp." O’Reilly. 2000

“Customizing Navigation Icons in JavaHelp.” O’Reilly. 2000

"A Review of 'Memes in Digital Culture'.” Digital Humanities Quarterly. Volume 10 Number 2. 2016

“Designing Message Boxes.” Intercom. Volume 45 Issue 9. 1998

Professional Highlights & Honors
"Desert Gifts." Short film screenplay (drama ). FINALIST, 2023 ScreenCraft Short Film screenplay competition., 2020

"Brian." Original one-hour TV pilot screenplay (sci-fi drama ). QUARTERFINALIST, 2023 ScreenCraft TV Pilot screenplay competition., 2022

"Benjamin Scrooge." Feature film screenplay (holiday comedy). SECOND ROUNDER, 2021 Austin Film Festival screenplay competition., 2021