OH 213A
+1 (508) 8316057
PhD Physics New York University 2013
MS Physics National Taiwan University 2005
BS Physics National Taiwan University 2023

Dr. Wu is an active researcher with a focus on soft matter and biophysics, which is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses physics, biology, and engineering. His work centers on the study of active fluids, which are a class of soft materials that comprise self-propelling particles capable of generating their own motion without the need for external forces or energy sources. Dr. Wu is specifically interested in the self-organization of microtubule-based, kinesin-driven active fluids into complex patterns of motion and transport.

As the leader of a research project funded by the NSF CAREER grant, Dr. Wu aims to investigate the mixing and vorticity dynamics of microtubule-kinesin active fluids. One of the main challenges he faces is understanding how confinement, such as narrow channels, affects the behavior of these fluids. Through his research, Dr. Wu seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental physics of active matter systems and develop novel techniques to manipulate and control the flow of these fluids. In particular, he is interested in exploring the use of active fluids for promoting micromixing, which has wide-ranging applications in fields such as microfluidic devices, drug delivery, and biosensors.

Dr. Wu is also passionate about teaching and mentoring students. He believes that a dynamic and engaging learning environment is key to fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students. He is dedicated to helping his students succeed in their future careers.