Atwater Kent 231
+1 (508) 8315315
MS (Dipl.-Ing.) University of Wuppertal, 1983
PhD Colorado State University, 1986

I started at WPI as an Assistant Professor after graduating from Colorado State University. My research focus has been electromagnetic and acoustic nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and for the past 15 years the development of anatomically shaped coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). As director of the Center for Imaging and Sensing (CIS), I have concentrated on the exploration of energy/media interactions with emphasis on inspecting critical industrial materials and biological structures. CIS has developed NDE sensing technology as well as Radio Frequency (RF) coils and electronic circuits for pre-clinical and clinical MR scanners. Our research has resulted in a number of application-specific RF coils and resonators capable of obtaining high resolution images in systems up to 7T main field strength. The need for RF coils in MRI is highly diverse, ranging from large volume coils for full-body imaging, over single- and multi-channel head coils for cranial imaging, to array coils for neck, breast, wrist, and ankle imaging.

Scholarly Work

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Professional Highlights & Honors
Member IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Xi,

, 1996