Headshot of Mehdi Mortazavi
Affiliated Department or Office
Mechanical and Materials Engineering
PhD Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech University
MS Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech University
BS Mechanical Engineering, KN Toosi University

My research interests include multiphase flow, droplet dynamics, clean hydrogen energy systems, and building energy systems. I identify as an experimentalist in thermo-fluid sciences, engaging in both fundamental and applied research within the realm of clean energy systems. As the director of the Multiscale Thermal Fluids Laboratory (MTFL) at WPI, my primary focus revolves around addressing thermo-fluidic challenges inherent to energy systems. Within MTFL, we place a strong emphasis on fostering an inclusive and diverse environment within the context of clean energy systems. The core objectives of my research efforts encompass elevating the performance of these energy systems, delving into the underlying physics governing thermo-fluidic aspects, and nurturing the next generation of researchers, scientists, and engineers in these specialized domains.

In the educational sphere, my dedication lies in the cultivation of a learning environment characterized by inclusivity and accessibility, one that wholeheartedly embraces the rich tapestry of backgrounds and identities that define my students. My role as an educator extends beyond the mere dissemination of knowledge; it is an endeavor to empower each student to not only thrive but also embark on their professional journeys equipped with a robust skill set, marked by both critical and creative thinking. Whether I'm mentoring students in the dynamic realm of project-based learning at WPI or within the confines of my research laboratory, the immense fulfillment arises from witnessing the tangible and positive contributions that WPI students make to their communities.

My instructional portfolio at WPI comprises courses such as Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Thermofluid Application and Design.