Atwater Kent 312
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BS Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) 1985
MS Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) 1995

ECE is one of those fields that most people take for granted, yet it runs our economy and provides us with the high standard of living that we are accustomed to. Just consider a typical day as we wake in the morning to an alarm clock, flip on the lights, check our email, throw a bagel in the microwave, call a friend, and start our car to go to work—all of these things require electricity and ECE. Without it, we would be living in the Stone Age (or at least the late 1700s). 

Within the ECE Department at WPI, we are fortunate to have some of the most enthusiastic and caring faculty on campus. I certainly enjoy working here and love to teach students about the fundamentals of ECE and how to put it all together to do useful things.

If you are considering ECE, you have made a good choice. There is a consistent demand for high quality ECE students within today’s industries. Even in a down economy, companies hire young, enthusiastic, and technically savvy graduates, offering them interesting work and the opportunity to further their education. If you are worried about the future, take action! Find a problem in the world and dedicate yourself to solving it. The rest will work itself out on its own.

My favorite part about ECE? Getting an email from a graduate thanking me for helping him or her make it in the world. What could be more rewarding than that?!

Scholarly Work

Student Design for the Developing World

Automotive Electronic Simulation Circuits Climate Control System, Air Bag Systems, Fuel Injection and Ignition Systems

High Current/Low Voltage Lighting Control Circuit

Professional Highlights & Honors
, 2005
, 2009
Eta Kappa Nu
, 2009