Unity Hall, 288
BS University of Sri Jayewardenepura (Sri Lanka) 2005
MS Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 2010
PhD Southern Illinois University, Carbondale 2014

Teaching is an art. It is something you develop within yourself. It needs hard work, time, creativity and dedication. Giving clear and understandable lectures, facilitating group activities, and interacting with students are all important parts of my teaching. My objectives as a statistics educator are: (1) to teach students about statistical tools and how to use them correctly, (2) to expose students to the structure of statistical analysis, and (3) to teach students how to communicate statistical results and concepts to a variety of audiences. These objectives apply to all courses I teach, at varying degrees of emphasis depending on its level. As complex problems arise in practical fields of science, “ad hoc" methods are reaching their limits. Methods to address these needs have gained an unprecedented weight in Statistics. My research concentrates on developing new statistical methodologies and their applications. My focus is in three different fields; restricted inference, meta-analysis and Bayesian computations with order restrictions. These apply to public health, weather forecasting, Food Science and industries.