headshot of Taylor Andrews
M.S. System Design and Management, MIT 2021
M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT 2021
B.S. Computer Science, WPI, 2012

I have research interests and experience in audio engineering, home recording studio design, MIDI systems, building high power electric mountain bikes, commodity solar boat design, and energy delivery cybersecurity while at Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS). My WPI IQP was focused in Music building devices to produce and study Psychoacoustics, and my MQP was at Microsoft’s project center to develop a modern technology prototype of an older software platform. 

My teaching experience started with resetting my family’s lost passwords and general IT support for town friends and family, then at WPI where I assisted with undergraduate Computer Science classes. I then worked at Digital Media Academy’s Summer Tech Camp at Harvard’s Campus, and helped teach about 40 middle-high school students skills to create their own projects with all sorts of Arduino Robotics and Sensors, Raspberry Pi Laptop and Breadboard Circuits, MicroBit Embedded Development Board Arts & Crafts, LEGO Robotics. The students proudly presented their own individualized project creations in a camp closing showcase ranging from a Simon Says hardware game, LED Lightshow Jeweley, a Mars Rover and terrain field for Search and Rescue, an automated Scrapyard Salvage Yard claw, LEGO Battlebots and tournament field for games, Algorithmic Music on SonicPi, a Tilt-Gyro PAC-Man game, a modern day “Zork” text-game adventure, an Ultrasonic Autonomous Police Car, a breadboard Push-Button Twitter Bot and Synthesizer, a high-speed Solo Cup Stacker actuator, and many more. In MIT‘s EECS department, I also worked on a 6.0001/6.0002 class team with the MIT Music department to create new music programming lab systems and assignments. 

I have industry systems software engineering experience in cloud computing and datacenter virtualization from VMware, where I worked on teams building their leading hypervisor technology, and from Stratus Technologies, where I worked on drivers and debugging tools for their mission-critical fault-tolerant hardware lockstep server product. 

My current hobbies include playing electric guitar and drums, building audio and recording systems, reading, darts, fishing for fun, and card games.