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Affiliated Department or Office
BA Psychology Reed College 1974
M.S.B.A. Information and Decision Systems San Diego State University 1992
PhD Business Administration University of Colorado, Boulder 1995

Prior to arriving at WPI in 2010, I held tenure-track positions with the University of Wisconsin system. I have visited at Cal Poly-SLO, University of Toledo, and Arizona State University. My teaching centers on software development, large business systems, and innovative uses of IT. My overarching research addresses organizational aspects of human-computer interaction with special emphasis on e-health, computer-mediated communication, and technology support for software development teams. I have published more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings.

From 2004-2015 I served as supervising editor of the Information Systems and Healthcare Department of Communications of the AIS, and guest-edited special issues on e-health and health information systems in European Journal of Information Systems, e‑Service Journal, Information Systems Management, and the International Journal of Healthcare Technology Management.

Hobbies include growing fruit and nut trees, brewing apple cider, and building things.

Scholarly Work

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