Higgins Labs 110, 100 Institute Road, Worcester MA, 01609
Affiliated Department or Office
PhD Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2016
MS Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2014
BS Mechanical Engineering Shandong University 2012

My research focuses on medical and manufacturing innovation. I apply manufacturing science and technology to enhance healthcare. I contribute fundamental knowledge of tissue mechanics and imaging properties, provide novel computational modeling methodologies to simulate and understand manufacturing and surgical processes, and develop medical devices and clinical manufacturing systems to tackle unmet clinical needs.

“Intuition makes an engineer outstanding. Passion is the foundation for instruction.” These two statements, which define my expectations for my students and for myself, respectively, constitute my teaching philosophy. I have four specific pedagogical goals: 1) to bring the real-world experience into the classroom; 2) to identify and explain physics; 3) to evaluate students’ intuition through tests; and 4) to have passion in teaching.

I have PhD position openings in MedMan Lab. I also have Research Assistant positions open for undergrad and Master students. If you are interested in medical device design and development, surgical robotics, or advanced manufacturing, please contact me.

Seeking highly motivated individuals to join medical and manufacturing innovation. Research assistant positions available with PhD openings.

Professional Highlights & Honors
Outstanding Young Reviewer, 2019
North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME
Biomedical Innovation Cup, 2019
Fast Forward Medical Innovation, University of Michigan
Pryor-Hale Award (First Place), 2018
Michigan Business Challenge
Fast Forwarding Medical Device Innovation Poster Showcase Winner, 2017
University of Michigan
NSF Student Travel Award, 2016
National Science Foundation
Extraordinary Student Research, 2015
S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center
NAMRI/SME Student Presentation Award, 2015
North American Manufacturing Research Institution of SME
Chiang Chen Overseas Fellowship, 2012
Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation
President Scholarship, 2011
Shandong University
Kwang-Hua Scholarship, 2010
Kwang-Hua Education Foundation
First Prize in National College Mechanical Innovation Competition, 2010
Higher Education Advisory Committee for Mechanical Engineering, Ministry of Education People's Republic of China