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Fire helmet in lab alt
WPI’s UL Fire Protection Engineering Performance Lab allows for large scale tests and project based research.
March 26, 2019
"WPI" is written in white type at the top right of the photo, and "Energy Symposium" at the bottom. In the middle is a photo of the globe with green electricity icons surrounding it.
September 26, 2017

Media Coverage

As I See It: Urgent Action Needed to Protect the Nation's Power Grid

Michael Ahern, director of Power Systems and instructor in the Foisie Business School, wrote an op-ed published by the Telegram & Gazette stressing the vulnerabilities inherent in the U.S. electrical power system. In "Urgent Action Needed to Protect the Nation's Power Grid," Ahern describes the grid’s problematic infrastructure and ways to guard against cyberattack.

Grid Modernization Countdown: Opportunities and challenges in modernizing the electric power delivery system

Michael Ahern, director of power systems and program director in Academic and Corporate Engagement, wrote an article in T&D World detailing what he sees as the seven issues facing the modernization of the nation’s power delivery system. Spoiler alert: the top challenge is people: utility companies and related organizations face difficulty in attracting and retaining the highly skilled talent they need to meet the growing demands of the grid.