Dr. Masood Ghasemi is a Research Scientist member of Autonomous Vehicle Mobility at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) since October 2022. Dr. Ghasemi's background is in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on systems dynamics and control. Prior joining WPI, he was a lead/quad member of several Automotive Research Center's projects as well as Simulator's of Autonomous Mobility at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Ghasemi was a Senior Control Systems Engineer at FG Innovations, Inc. He has served as a Technical Lead at DENSO International America, Inc., as well as he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Texas A&M University. Dr. Ghasemi is a member of IEEE, ASME, and SAE. He has contributed to research work including topics on control theory and application in distributed systems, robotics, drilling systems, on-road/off-road hybrid and electric autonomous vehicles. His current research interests include mobility control and optimization in autonomous off-road vehicles.

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