Refie Cane

Admin Assistant VI, Graduate Administrative Assistant
+1 (508) 8315000 x5357
Department :
Office location: Fuller Labs 233

I joined WPI in September 2004 as Administrative Assistant for the School of Business and two years later I moved to the Computer Science Department as Graduate Administrative Assistant, a position I still hold.

I assist the prospective Graduate students with applying  to Computer Science Graduate programs, and I assist the  CS Graduate Coordinator in screening the applications for Admission.

I am involved in helping  the enrolled CS Graduate students  succeed in our Computer Science Graduate programs. Provide customer service to Faculty, Staff, Students whoever walks into our Department or around WPI.

I would like everyone to know how amazing it is to be part of WPI.

My goal in my life always has been : " No matter what life throws at you, keep smiling and move on "


Refie Cane