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Tionge Nakazwe '25

BS, Environmental and Sustainability Studies; minor in Creative Writing

Having the support and mentorship of a diverse WPI community has helped Tionge thrive, not only academically but socially. Professor Marja Bakermans became one of those mentors. “She is an amazing professor who really cares about her students," she says. "I’ve had the privilege of taking two of her classes and both projects we did increased my research and writing skills. Her passion for Open Educational Resources is inspiring and has also worn off on me!”

Tionge's achievements both in and outside the classroom have given her confidence in her abilities. “Making the Dean’s List allowed me to see that I could excel in classes related to my major,” she says. “Achieving those grades assured me that I was in the right major and gave me the confidence to keep going.”

Outside of class, she prides herself on her work with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). “Attending its 48th national convention in California was a great achievement for the entire executive board," she says. "With successful fundraising and careful planning, we were able to pay the registration fee for everyone from WPI who attended. It was an amazing trip where many members received internships and full-time offers.”

Something Tionge loves about WPI is its diverse community. “I absolutely love how many different clubs and groups WPI has—there is truly something for everyone,” she says. In addition to appreciating the variety of people on campus, she also wants new students to know that “staff and faculty here are more than willing to work with you and do anything they can to set you up for success. Do not hesitate to ask for help.”

She credits the university’s project-based curriculum with  curribetter preparing her for life after college. “WPI’s project-based curriculum provided me with the experience needed to succeed in the workforce. Each project has given me a new skill that is essential for my success outside of college, and I am forever grateful for that. The experience WPI students gain through project-based learning is unparalleled to that of most other institutions,” Tionge says. “The work we do here looks impressive on resumes and really informs an employer of what we bring to the table.”

After graduation, she plans to work in the sustainable agriculture and international development industry, putting the skills she learned at WPI to good use.

Tionge's headshot

Worcester, MA

Faculty Mentor
  • Dean's List
  • Creative Writing

Campus Activities

  • Senator for National Society of Black Engineers
I absolutely love how many different clubs and groups WPI has—there is truly something for everyone

I wake up and have breakfast, walk to campus.


I work on homework at the campus center or library.


Attend my first class for the day.


Club meeting – I'm in the National Society of Black Engineers.


I work at the rec center, usually till 11PM.



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