Humanities & Arts Learning Outcomes

The Humanities & Arts (HUA) Requirement empowers students to meet the broad educational goals at WPI. The balance between technological and humanistic education and the emphasis on inquiry-based approaches to student learning have been and remain hallmarks of a WPI education. In concert with WPI's other degree requirements, the HUA Requirement embodies the institute's definition of an educated person, and engages students with theory and practice - Lehr und Kunst - through the following educational goals.

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 3rd Floor
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Goals of the Humanities & Arts Requirement

  • to introduce students to the breadth, diversity, and creativity of human experience as expressed in the humanities and arts;
  • to develop students' ability to think critically and independently about the world;
  • to enhance students' ability to communicate effectively with others in a spirit of openness and cooperation;
  • to enrich students' understanding of themselves;
  • to deepen students' ability to apply concepts and skills in a focused thematic area through sustained critical inquiry;
  • to encourage students to reflect on their responsibilities to others in local, national and global communities;
  • to kindle in students a life-long interest in the humanities & art.