Major Qualifying Project Learning Outcomes

By completing their Major Qualifying Project (MQP), WPI students will achieve the following learning outcomes at a level at least equivalent to that of any entry level professional or graduate student.

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Students who complete a Major Qualifying Project will:

  1. apply fundamental and disciplinary concepts and methods in ways appropriate to their principal areas of study.
  2. demonstrate skill and knowledge of current information and technological tools and techniques specific to the professional field of study.
  3. use effectively oral, written and visual communication.
  4. identify, analyze, and solve problems creatively through sustained critical investigation.
  5. integrate information from multiple sources.
  6. demonstrate an awareness and application of appropriate personal, societal, and professional ethical standards.
  7. practice the skills, diligence, and commitment to excellence needed to engage in lifelong learning.

Specific disciplinary programs my add additional MQP outcomes, such as design or mathematical skills or teamwork, as appropriate.