The Living Lab in the Greater Worcester Area and the HDI Living Lab Launchpad

WPI and its partners develop, create, and demonstrate many of their collaborative user-driven innovations using the real-life test environment of the "living lab" of Worcester and surrounding communities, as well as the HDI Living Lab Launchpad, an innovation space where researchers connect with collaborators and end users.

A living lab is a research and development concept and accompanying infrastructure that facilitates research and human interaction with, and stimulates the adoption of, innovations by end users. These interactions can be studied in the actual environment of the end user or in an adaptable, controllable environment such as an innovation space. Through HDI, researchers have access to the actual environments of end users across the health continuum, including acute, community and residential, home, workplace, and on the go. In addition, HDI created a Living Lab Launchpad—an adaptable, controllable systems integration and innovation space that facilitates collaborative development with other organizations and end users. Research teams including WPI faculty members, students, and industry partners actively utilize and come through the Launchpad.

A Research Methodology

  • Harnessing the global trend toward open development
  • Involving end-users in co-creation, exploration, experimentation, and evaluation of innovative ideas in real-life use cases
  • Ensuring problems explored are real-world and solutions proposed are practical and beneficial

A Space Where Research Unfolds

  • Flexible and constantly changing
  • Conference rooms for demonstrations, user interaction and engagement, devices and equipment
  • Offices for small-group discussion and interdisciplinary team work
  • Video conferencing, projection, and wireless to connect with experts and partners around the world