How to Utilize Our Capabilities


External Partners:

CERES @ WPI is committed to collaborating with industry affiliates to accelerate the research performed in cell engineering. From developing training opportunities and operating protocols to cell engineering with state-of-the-art equipment, CERES is prioritizing the needs of industry in everything it does.


a large black microscope

The equipment housed within CERES allows our partners to develop their products at benchtop scale prior to obtain proof of concept before converting the efforts to pilot scale. Thus, corporate partners of CERES have the unique opportunity to economically develop their product of interest before making the leap to pilot scale efforts without occupying key resources within their own facilities. 

From small start-ups in the Worcester area to large biopharmaceutical companies across the US, CERES' business model allows us to work with companies of all sizes to help their efforts in producing their product of interest.

Advantages of using CERES for your research efforts

By choosing to conduct your research within CERES, you are entitled to the following benefits

  • Usage of laboratory and all equipment / supporting devices located within
  • Opportunities to engage with experts in cell engineering within WPI
  • Access to student talent (BS/MS/Ph.D) to fulfill equipment training needs, protocol development, or study runs

For more information about CERES and how to maximize your research efforts within, email