Vivarium Core

The 3,500 ft2 AAALAC-accredited, OLAW-assured vivarium is housed within WPI’s Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center and is used by WPI researchers and local companies. It accommodates small rodents and aquatics in its eight housing rooms. The facility operates at BSL-2 behind an air-lock, and incorporates a quarantine room, a barrier suite, two surgery/procedure rooms, a cage wash room, a cage staging room with a cabinet sterilizer, and a shower room. The barrier suite includes a small laboratory and a biosafety cabinet that is available for scheduled use.

A full IACUC ensures effective administration of the animal research program and regulatory compliance. The University Staff Veterinarian is a member of the IACUC and actively oversees the animal care and use program. The vivarium also retains a University Backup Veterinarian to perform these duties in the Staff Veterinarian’s absence. An AAALAC Ad Hoc Specialist is retained to ensure continued compliance with current and future regulations and requirements.