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Since November 2018, WPI and UMass Lowell faculty have been engaged in a series of research meet-ups to explore possible areas for complementary research teaming in a number of areas, including Photonics, Electronics, Imaging, Sensors, Robotics, Smart/Advanced Materials, Gaming and Learning Technologies, and Criminal Justice. Among the outcomes of these meet-ups has been follow-on faculty-to-faculty discussions about specific potential collaborative projects.

To help move discussions into actionable territory, WPI and the University of Massachusetts Lowell have inaugurated an exciting new seed funding program to support early-stage research collaborations between faculty members at the two universities. The UML-WPI Collaborative Seed Funding Initiative is intended to support new collaborations, novel discoveries, increased external funding, future industry partnerships, and the possible development of patentable intellectual property.

Under the initiative, the two universities will jointly provide up to $20,000 per project to support intramural collaborative projects for research teams comprised of faculty from both institutions. In Spring 2019, up to five one-year projects will be awarded seed funding support under this initiative. Priority will be given to new collaborations, projects that include multiple UMass Lowell and WPI faculty, projects that include more than one discipline, and projects that are likely to lead to external funding and/or commercialization/industry partnerships.

For more information on the application process, please download the complete overview, which includes detailed information about the eligibility, application requirements, and proposal format.