The proper care, use, and humane treatment of animals used in research, testing, and education requires scientific and professional judgments based on a knowledge of the needs of the animals and the special requirements of the research, testing, and educational programs.

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at WPI is charged with overseeing and evaluating WPI's animal program, procedures, and facilities to insure that it is consistent with all applicable guidelines, recommendations, and regulations.

The major functions of the IACUC are to:

  • Review proposed uses of animals in research, testing, or education (i.e. protocols)
  • Establish a mechanism for receipt and review of concerns involving the care and use of animals at WPI
  • Evaluate programs and animal-activity areas
  • Inspect all animal facilities
  • Submit reports to responsible institutional and government officials

Keep in mind that vertebrate animals may not be used at WPI for research, testing, or education without IACUC approval and oversight. Contact IACUC Chair Joan Flanagan, PhD or IACUC Coordinator Elizabeth Diers, CPIA with questions or for more information.

Information, Guidelines, & Policies

Animal Use/Welfare Information & Databases

Federal Laws, Policies, & Guidelines

WPI PHS Animal Assurance of Compliance

  • WPI animal researchers may review the Assurance by contacting the IACUC Office by email or at 508-831-6800

Membership, Contact Information, & Vendors

Membership & Contact Information

  • Joan Flanagan, PhD (Chairperson)
  • Virender K. Chandna, BVSc & AH, N.D.E.H.M.S. (Veterinarian)

Other Members

  • David Adams, PhD
  • Lisa Wall, M.S.
  • Matt Flegal, B.S.
  • Rebecca R. Hill, BS
  • Michael Buckholt, PhD
  • Michael Radzicki, PhD
  • Miguel E. Norden, LATg

WPI IACUC Coordinator

Elizabeth Diers, CPIA


WPI Vivarium Operations Manager

Miguel E. Norden, LATg

Approved Animal Vendors

IACUC Accreditation

WPI’s Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) is accredited by the Association for Assessment & Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC).

Password-Protected Information

All animal protocols at WPI must follow WPI IACUC Guidelines, Policies, and SOPs. If you are a WPI researcher and do not have login or password information, email Elizabeth Diers, CPIA, IACUC Coordinator.