Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

As biology grows increasingly quantitative and digital—witness the mapping of the human genome, and the advent of the Personal Genome Project—the field of bioinformatics and computational biology has become a critical science. And the professionals who wish to enter it will need an integrated education that incorporates the skills and experience necessary to develop and use computational techniques as well as mathematical concepts for the analysis of biological data. The Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BCB) program at WPI is meeting this challenge through an interdisciplinary approach that brings together biology and biotechnology, computer science, and mathematical sciences. The result is a program that produces graduates who are experienced in the language, concepts, and techniques of these disciplines—and ready to begin rewarding careers.

Sample Companies that have Hired WPI Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Graduates

City of Hope
Shanghai Ditai Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Broad Institute
Epic Systems
Seahorse Bioscience
UMass Medical School

Sample Graduate Schools

University of Southern California
Average Starting Salary:
$64,100 (2019)
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Sample Job Titles:
Software Development Intern
Bioinformatics Scientist
Research Scientist
Senior Research Associate
Software & Instrumentation Test Engineer
Sample Major Qualifying Projects:
High Throughput Screening of C. elegans
Investigating the Unusual Gene Structure of DNA Primase in Mycobacteriophage Subclusters
Correlate Analyses for Acutely Infected HIV Individuals: Natural Disease Control Study
PubMed AuthorMap: A Study of Research Collaboration in the Life Science Fields

Program Tracking Sheets

The Program Tracking Sheets help WPI students to plan and track progress toward their degree. Academic Advising has created tracking sheets for each major and graduation year.

Career Outcomes & Salary Data

The Career Development Center (CDC) has compiled a list of resources to help you learn about salary expectations and companies that have hired recent graduates, including the Post-Graduation Report for WPI's most recent graduating class.