There are 13 fraternities and 7 sororities on WPI’s campus, and each one has its own unique structure and dynamics. Peruse WPI’s fraternity and sorority options, visit their websites, and find the one that’s a perfect fit for you.



Alpha Chi Rho
8 Boynton Street & 9 Dean Street*
Colors: garnet & white

Alpha Tau Omega 
8 & 10 Regent Street
Colors: azure & gold

Beta Theta Pi
52 Fruit Street
Colors: delicate (light) shades of pink & blue

Lambda Chi Alpha
30 Dean Street
Colors: purple, green & gold

Phi Gamma Delta
99 Salisbury Street
Colors: royal purple

Phi Kappa Theta 
26 Institute Road
Colors: white, gold & cardinal purple

Phi Sigma Kappa *
11 Dean Street
Colors: silver & maroon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
6 Humboldt Avenue
Colors: royal purple & old gold

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
11 Boynton Street & 4 Elbridge
Colors: gold, purple & red

Sigma Pi 
17 Dean Street
Colors: purple & gold

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
63 & 65 Wachusett Street
Colors: cherry & gray

Theta Chi 
85 Salisbury Street
Colors: red & white

Zeta Psi 
32 Dean Street
Colors: black & white


* 9 Dean Street is owned by Phi Sigma Kappa House Corporation 


Alpha Gamma Delta

5 Trowbridge Road

Colors: red, buff & green

Alpha Phi

9 Einhorn Road

Colors: silver & bordeaux

Alpha Xi Delta

13 Hackfeld Road

Colors: light blue, dark blue, & gold

Chi Omega

100 Institute Road

Colors: cardinal & straw

Phi Sigma Sigma

15 Elbridge Street

Colors: king blue & gold

Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

100 Institute Road

Colors: lavender, carolina blue & black

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

100 Institute Road

Colors: royal blue and white