Health Insurance

The enrollment and waiver process for the 2024/2025 WPI Student Health Insurance Plan 

will open on July 8, 2024 and will close August 31,2024

All students must complete this process annually.

Key Information

  • All students must be covered by health insurance.
  • Domestic students may be covered by their family’s health insurance plan, provided they are under 26 years of age and the plan meets the state minimum guidelines; if not applicable, coverage may be purchased through the university plan.
  • The cost for coverage from August 12, 2024 – August 11, 2025 is $2,186, and is included on the fall 2024 bill.
  • Health Insurance waivers may be submitted as early as July 8, 2024. The deadline for submission is August 31, 2024. After this date, students lacking a waiver will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan.
  • Please use this link to enroll or waive the WPI Student Health Insurance plan: WPI ENROLL/WAIVE (please make sure to enter "Worcester Polytechnic Institute" as the school name).
  • Returning Students: As a reminder, waivers must be completed every year.

To answer specific coverage related questions please see the following documents:

Enrollment/Waiver Important Information

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that every full-time and part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts must participate in a student health program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. Graduate students must have student health insurance if they are participating in at least 6.75 credit hours.  

All qualified students will be charged for the health insurance on their eBill. Students may waive their right to participate in the WPI health insurance plan if proof of comparable coverage is provided by completing a waiver online. The health insurance waiver will automatically be credited to the student's account upon the submission and receipt of the waiver information, provided the information is submitted by published deadlines. As a reminder, a health insurance waiver must be completed every year. 

The waiver will be posted to your student account and will be visible within 48 hours. Waiver and enrollment questions should be directed to the Bursar’s Office at or via phone at 508-831-5203.

All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by WPI if an online health insurance waiver is not completed by August 31, 2024. Students are responsible for the health insurance fee, and are charged in the fall for the full year unless they are admitted in the spring semester.

The student health insurance plan and template of coverage is provided.

Enrollment/Waiver Form

To access the electronic health insurance waiver/enrollment form, click here WPI waiver/enrollment site. Students who fail to waive or purchase the student health insurance by the above close date will be enrolled automatically and will lose the option to waive the student health insurance.

All students must submit proof of coverage or waive the insurance. Personal health information sent to the Student Health Center or Athletic Office does not get conveyed to the Bursars Office, and therefore does not activate the waiver process.

Each fall semester (or the semester of entry to WPI), students are required to provide proof of coverage and complete an online waiver.

Enrollment/Waiver Questions

Waiver and enrollment questions should be directed to the Bursar’s Office at or via phone at 508-831-5203.

WPI Student Health Insurance Coverage

WPI Plan Information and the benefits matrix below can both be helpful resources for more information about the coverage and cost of the student health insurance plan.

Dependent Enrollment

Family dependents are also eligible to purchase the student health insurance plan. Additional information is available here under the Dependent Enrollment Instructions.

Plan Cancellation

Once purchased, the plan may be canceled only if the student enrolls in the armed forces or any mandated regulation that allows for a cancelation.

Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP)
Student Athletes

There is special coverage for Student Athletes enrolled in the WPI Student Health Insurance Policy. Enter Worcester Polytechnic Institute, scroll below waive and toggle on view all, select athletes to view your policy.

Your Insurance Card

Always keep your health insurance card with you. You will need to present this card whenever you seek medical attention in the United States. If you have the WPI Student Health Insurance you can obtain a copy of your card through the UHC Student Resources App (Apple or Android). 

Instructions on how to download the UHC Student Resources App

Finding Medical and Mental Health Providers

To best utilize your student health insurance, you will need to search for local providers (medical providers and mental health providers) in the United Healthcare/Harvard Pilgrim Network to ensure that your insurance is accepted at their practice. It is also helpful to utilize the “My Account” feature of the student health insurance. Instructions on how to access this feature can be found here.

HealthiestYou virtual counseling is available to students that are enrolled in the WPI student health insurance plan. Please use the HealthiestYou app to request a virtual counseling appointment that fits your schedule. 

Fitness Reimbursement

Fitness reimbursement is available for three consecutive months for one family health club membership, or alternatively, benefits for up to 10 fitness classes taken by the insured or by any combination of the insured and the insured’s dependents. Limitations do apply. For more info visit:

Eye exam coverage

Eye exam coverage is now included on the 2023/2024 WPI student health insurance plan. Please see the following document for more information about coverage: 

Questions about a claim?

For currently enrolled students in the WPI Student Health Insurance Plan please call 1-800-767-0700 to ask specific claim related questions. 

Healthcare in the United States

This video teaches international students how to prepare for their arrival in the U.S., how the U.S. healthcare system works, and how students should seek appropriate medical care if they become sick or injured.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources (UHCSR)

The Frequently Asked Questions page provides answers to commonly asked questions as well as links to the following helpful pages:

  • Health Insurance 101: is a health insurance basics information site providing assistance on how health care and health insurance works in the US.
  • Videos on how to set up your account, how to request an ID card, and how to check a claim status.

Please see the UHCSR Help Center for WPI student health insurance specific questions such as finding a provider, setting up your account, or getting a copy of your insurance card. 

HeathliestYou: Virtual Medical and Counseling

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources and HealthiestYou have partnered together to provide access to doctors and mental healthcare from anywhere you are!

Please use the HealthiestYou app to request a virtual medical or counseling appointment that fits your schedule. This informational video provides more information about how to access this service.