Student laughing at table with others in dining hall

Chartwells manages the dining services at WPI. With multiple dining locations, ranging from traditional dining halls to convenient on-the-go options to the Rubin Campus Center Food Court and South Village Student Center, there is something for everyone. Learn more about daily menu items for each dining location, special events, nutritionists’ blogs, promotions, nutritional information, and how to purchase meal plans. See the Dining Services page for more information.


Location: Rubin Campus Center
Phone: 508-831-5253  


Community Spotlight: Shavaun Cloran, WPI Registered Dietitian

Ask any student what the most important part of their college experience is, and there's a good chance that "the food" will be tops on that list. ​Shavaun Cloran, WPI’s registered dietitian, is one of the team members responsible for coming up with a healthy yet delicious daily menu for a diverse community that also takes serious food allergies and dietary restrictions into consideration.

Food Allergies and Other Dietary Concerns

Students with food allergies, dietary preferences (such as vegetarian or vegan), or medical diet concerns should submit a Food Allergy/Celiac Disease/Medical Diet form, or contact Shavaun Cloran, Registered Dietitian.


In an effort to maintain efficient dining communication within the WPI community, we’re active on many social media channels. Be sure to mention #WPIEATS wherever you dine on campus and tag your friends!   

Meet WPI Dining Services

Commitment to Sustainability

WPI is serious about our responsibility to our community and the world. In our dining facilities, we use cage-free eggs, seek out initiatives to minimize food waste (such as Project Clean Plate), donate food waste to local pig farms, and use earth friendly dining vessels––all in addition to our paper and plastic recycling efforts. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives.

WPI Catering

In addition to providing dining services for students, we also have a large catering department for all special events needs at WPI. We strive to serve the WPI community with health, culture, and diversity in mind by offering a variety of menu options and dining programs for any occasion. Our professional staff is committed to bringing superior service with unwavering results to uphold WPI’s commitment to its students, faculty and guests.