CyberCorps Scholarship For Service (SFS)

CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) is funded by the National Science Foundation. To be eligible, you must be a U.S. citizen who is focusing their undergraduate or graduate studies on cybersecurity. Typical majors are CS, DS, ECE, or Mathematics. The scholarship pays the full cost of your education (all tuition and fees) plus a $25,000 stipend per year for undergraduates students and a $34,000 stipend per year for graduate students. In return, recipents work for the government after graduation in a paid cybersecurity position for the same number of years for which their education was funded. Following that period of service, recicpents are free to leave or remain in the public sector. If students receive multiple years of funding, they will also serve the government in a paid summer internship between academic years.

For Undergraduate Students: 

The earliest you can apply is your sophomore year for the scholarship to begin in your junior year. Recipients can receive one, two, or three years of funding; the 3-year maximum covers junior, senior, and an MS year. Applications are submitted online in a selection process that takes place once a year.

For Graduate Students:

Recipients can receive up to three years of funding. After you apply for admission to WPI to pursue a Master’s or PhD degree in a cybersecurity-related field, apply separately to the SFS program. If you’re admitted to WPI and also selected for SFS, then your SFS scholarship starts in your first semester. For students beginning in the Fall, applications for SFS are due in February. For students beginning in January, applications are reviewed throughout the Fall on a rolling basis – please discuss your application with the WPI SFS Program Manager, via email, at

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