The Scholarship for Service (SFS) program has provided WPI with funds to support student scholarships in cybersecurity. These scholarships provide tuition, stipend, and fees in exchange for the student taking summer internships and a period of post-graduation employment with the government (federal, state, local, or tribal).

The National Science Foundation funds this program to help grow the nation's pool of qualified cybersecurity workers. Scholars work in a variety of agencies and positions, with options including forensics, network defense, and public policy. Scholars' commitment to service is critical to the integrity of the program, both at WPI and nationally. In return, the SFS program commits to its scholars through job fairs and other professional development opportunities.

SFS Welcomes New Recipients


Scholarship recipients
Justin Aquilante, Edward Krawczyk, and Jared Grimm

Three WPI students were selected in March 2019 to receive the CyberCorps scholarship:  Jared Grimm (’20), Edward Krawczyk (’20), and Justin Aquilante (’21). Jared is a Computer Science major with research and employment experience in security and software engineering. Edward, an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, has been a MITRE Corporation intern in embedded systems security and done vulnerability detection research in WPI’s Vernam Lab. Justin, also majoring in Computer Science, has employment experience in electronics and is the current President of WPI’s Cybersecurity Club. All three recipients are active with the club and have participated in security competitions such as Embedded Capture the Flag. We welcome them to WPI’s SFS cohort!


Applicants must be:

  • a rising junior/senior undergraduate student, or a graduate student, at WPI (prospective students must have applied separately for admission to either Computer ScienceData Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • pursuing a plan of study with significant security content in their host department
  • able to show strong evidence of their ability to obtain Security Clearance

Evaluation criteria include (but are not limited to) academic qualifications (such as GPA), demonstrated interest in cybersecurity, and eligibility for a US security clearance (required for post-scholarship employment).


Students funded under this program incur the following obligations:

  • Complete a degree program through a plan of study with a significant focus on security
  • Search for and complete security-related government internships during the summers while funded under the program
  • Search for and complete employment with the government (federal, state, local, or tribal) immediately following graduation -- the period of employment must equal the duration of the scholarship
  • Participate in conferences, job fairs, and meetings related to the SFS program

Program Benefits

Students funded under the program receive the following benefits (while grant funds are available):

  • Full-tuition scholarship (2-3 years depending on degree program)
  • Annual stipend (for living expenses): $22,500 for undergraduate students and $34,000 for graduate students
  • Additional annual funds to reimburse textbooks (up to $2,000), health insurance premiums (up to $3,000), and professional development (including travel, up to $4,000)
  • Participation in a targeted job fair and other professional development events for SFS scholars

How to Apply


A complete application requires the following:

  • A resume that includes education, work experience, key skills, honors, and awards
  • Contact information for two references, at least one of whom is a faculty member. We do not need letters from your references as part of the application, just their contact information. The application has a space to provide this information.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended (other than WPI)
  • A statement (1-2 pages) describing your experience and interests around cybersecurity, your broader career goals, aspects of government work that do (and do not) interest you, and why are you are applying for this scholarship
  • A completed and signed Obligation Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
  • A signed and scanned Student Release Form (PDF) - WPI students: (1) fill out the top section only and upload it to your application (do not take it to the Dean's Office); (2) if you attended another college before WPI, fill out the top section of an additional form and send it to that college. They can send the completed and signed form directly to WPI's SFS program staff, at the address below, or they can return it to you and you can deliver it to the SFS program staff. NOTE: You do not need a records release from your high school. Students at other colleges: fill out the top section of the form and give it to your Dean of Students. When it has been completed and signed by the Dean, upload it to your application.

When to Submit

Completed applications (for scholarships beginning in Fall 2019) were due by February 28, 2019.

How to Submit

Click the link below to complete the application process and upload your supporting materials.  Be sure to have the following completed and ready for upload before clicking on the application link:

Click HERE for the 2019 Application.

Due to their sensitive nature, official transcripts from colleges/universities need to be hand-carried in a sealed envelope or mailed directly to:

Beckley Schowalter
WPI Department of Computer Science
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609


Contact us at

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