Religious Holidays and Observances

Religious Diversity Resources and Calendars for Planning Campus Programs, Events, and Activities

In an effort to foster a community of inclusion and belonging at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) we encourage you to be mindful of religious holidays, interfaith and holy days, and other commemorative events which may impact student and employee participation in campus programs, events, and activities.

Please refer to the resources below as you need to when conducting your program/event scheduling and planning this term/semester.

If you are unsure if the identified date may discourage active participation in your program/event please feel free to consult with a member of the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education or Division of Talent and Inclusion.

Outlook Resources:

Diversity Calendar Resources:

WPI's Policy on Religious Observances

A student who is unable to attend classes or participate in any examination, study, or work requirement on a particular day because of their religious beliefs shall be excused from any such examination or study or work requirement, and shall be provided with an opportunity to make up such examination, study, or work requirement which they may have missed because of such absence on any particular day; provided, however, that such makeup examination or work shall not create an unreasonable burden upon such school.