In an ongoing commitment to the safety of our students, WPI contracts with International SOS, the world’s leading medical and travel security assistance company, to provide all students traveling on International WPI-affiliated trips with 24 hour worldwide travel assistance services. WPI members are covered by International SOS for all international travel through the Global Projects Program, and may purchase additional coverage from International SOS for any personal travel. The assistance services provided by International SOS are supported by a travel and emergency medical insurance policy.  

The WPI International SOS Members Portal contains various links and informative sites which allow you to research your destination and be better prepared before you travel. The portal contains links to health, safety and security information from International SOS, the CDC, and the U.S. State Department. 

If you experience a medical emergency or security/natural disaster crisis, need a doctor or hospital referral, lose your medication, or want to consult experts for pre-travel medical and security advice, WPI has a fully integrated program in place to ensure you receive the care and expertise you need, whenever and wherever you need it.

If you have questions about International SOS membership, please contact Gary Collins, Associate Director for International Risk Management.

The websites and online properties for International SOS MyTrips, Assistance App, and Member Portal for WPI Affiliates are developed and maintained by International SOS and Control Risks.

  • WPI International SOS Members Portal

    Visit the WPI Portal Page for International SOS to review destination guides, travel advisories, and membership benefits. Use the portal to register your travel with MyTrips, and sign up for email alerts.

    Contact International SOS: International SOS is available 24/7 to provide medical or security assistance before or during travel.  When possible, please contact International SOS first for a referral before seeking healthcare abroad. Be prepared to pay upfront and then seek reimbursement.

    Phone: (US international code) 215-942-8478     WPI ID#: 11BCAS785861

    Call collect any time. International calling codes for the United States vary, please check this website for the correct code.

    Features: To discover more about International SOS services, please visit their Membership e-Guide and watch this short video.

    *In order to be pre-authorized to use International SOS while abroad, travelers must register their round-trip flight and travel itinerary in WPI's International SOS MyTrips Travel Registry prior to departure.

  • Download the WPI/International SOS Travel Assistance App to your smartphone

    Download the WPI/ISOS membership app prior to your trip. You will use this app on your smart phone while traveling abroad to view your itinerary, make changes to your itinerary, find emergency assistance if necessary, receive important notices and travel medical and security alerts relevant to your destination of travel, and live chat directly with a 24/7 medical and security specialist. We recommend that you enable location services and push notifications so that you are able to receive the relevant alerts.

    For more information on how to use the app, refer to the ISOS Assistance App Support site for further information. 

    How To Create Your Assistance App New User Account.

    NOTE: You must use your university email address when creating your account.

    1. You will be asked to provide the WPI International SOS Membership Number: 11BCAS785861.
    2. An email will be sent to your university email address for verification. Click the link in the email to verify your account.
    3. To use the same password for both your app and online accounts, follow
      this format:
      • Must contain at least one capital letter
      • Must contain at least one special character [@#$%^&+=_]                                        
      • ! is not an acceptable option
      • Must be at least 6 characters

    Remember your password! While traveling you’ll use this app to view your itinerary, find emergency assistance, and other important functions.


    From within the Assistance App, you can review country and city summaries, social and business etiquette, crime and safety, local laws and customs, vaccination requirements, money and language, geography and weather, and much more. You can "favorite" up to 25 countries for quicker access.


    Sign up to receive push notifications and alerts about medical and travel security incidents in your area that may affect your travel.


    With one tap, you can call WPI's dedicated 24/7 emergency hotline: +1-215-942-8478 and be immediately connected to International SOS operators.


    If you prefer text-based communication, you have the option to chat with International SOS operators and case managers from within the app. Simply set up a PIN and security question to get started.


    If you've registered your travel in International SOS MyTrips, you can view and search your current and completed trips from within the Assistance App.


    With two quick taps, you can check-in to your current location for 48 hours. You can also refine your location by typing in an address. The check-in feature requires you to enable and allow GPS-based location services on your device.

    Checking in via the app is a good option if you take a short trip and forget to enter it in MyTrips. Note that checking in on the Assistance App won't update your itinerary in MyTrips, but both International SOS and the Global Projects Program Incident Response Team are able to access your check-in location in the event of an emergency.

  • Other trainings video/tools

    Test Your Knowledge with a “Spot the Risk” quiz created by International SOS to highlight some travel risks.

    Further resources to be added.

  • International Travel and Emergency Medical Insurance

    All students traveling off campus to participate in a WPI program in the U.S. are required to carry medical insurance that is valid at the program site for the entire length of the program. Please verify your coverage outside of Massachusetts with your insurance company.  You will be asked to provide your insurance information before departure. In the event that your primary U.S. insurance does not cover you at your Project Center, you can look into purchasing a short-term health insurance plan. The following are a list of options you may consider (No WPI endorsement or recommendation is implied):


    Good Neighbor Insurance's HCC Life Short Term Medical Insurance Plan

    IHC Health Solutions Short Term Medical Plan

    E Health


    A summary of the international travel and emergency medical policy document will be added shortly. Any questions please contact .

    All WPI members strongly advised to also maintain their own insurance coverage while traveling off campus internationally.