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Register your travel for peace of mind and expedited access to critical resources. Registration of your WPI-sponsored travel pre-authorizes the use of the medical, security and travel services of International SOS while abroad. International SOS are WPI's international travel medical and security assistance partner and facilitate access to critical international insurance coverage and emergency medical and security assistance during your travels. 

Please email with any questions about the registry. You may also arrange a time for the Associate Director of Global Risk Management to visit your department/unit or arrange a 1:1 training on the registry. 

  • Who Must Register Their Travel?

    All WPI students, faculty, and staff must register their WPI-sponsored international travel.

  • What is the WPI MyTrips International Travel Registry?

    The WPI MyTrips Travel Registry is a confidential and secure platform on which to record travel itineraries and emergency contact information. MyTrips will require travelers to create a one-time profile and then register the details of each trip.

    Registry information is confidential. It is used by WPI to track WPI-sponsored travel, communicate with you more effectively if there is an incident during your travel, and forms the basis for WPI's emergency response protocols and communication strategy (e.g., alerts, warnings, evacuation notices) when responding to an emergency or critical incident abroad. 

  • What are the benefits to me?

    Registering your international travel allows WPI to track all WPI-sponsored travel by students, faculty, and staff.  This helps WPI communicate with you more effectively if there is an incident during your travel and enables us to better respond to your needs.  When incidents do occur, WPI can contact our travelers in the area to confirm their well-being.

    Once you register on MyTrips, International SOS will provide a Pre-Trip Advisory that lists risk in your travel area.

    Once you register on MyTrips, you are pre-authorized to use, and registered for WPI’s medical and security assistance while abroad and will automatically receive alerts of incidents impacting your registered destination via email. Please download the assistance app to receive app based notifications. 

  • How Do I Register My Individual Trip - Detailed Instructions

    MyTrips | Instructions

    For a visual step by step guide on how to register your trip view this PowerPoint.

    There are three essential steps to registering your travel:

    Step 1:  Create your traveler profile

    This step is required before you can add a trip, and must be done online.

    Step 1 Create a Profile.png

    Step 1 Create a Profile alt
    Step 1 Create a Profile
    1. Go to WPI MyTrips
    2. Click on New User? Register Here to create your MyTrips profile.

    a. Set up log-in credentials 

    • First & Last Name
    • WPI Email Address
    • A Passport
    • 2 Security Questions
    •  NOTE: To use the same password for both your online account and the mobile app, follow this format:
      • Must contain at least one capital letter
      • Must contain at least one special character [@#$%^&+=_]
      • Must be at least 6 characters   

    b. Check the ‘’I have read the privacy policy’’ & Click Submit

    c. Check your WPI email inbox for a verification email from International SOS

    • This email comes immediately. Check your junk mailbox if you haven't received it. Click the link in the email to verify your account. You’ll receive a confirmation message that your account is activated.
    • This link in the email lasts 24 hours. If miss this 24-hour window, you will not be able to log in. Contact

    d. Click on the link in the email and login into your MyTrips account using your log-in credentials.TIP: Username is your university email address.

    3.  Fill out the required user information in your MyTrips profile:

      • Your university email address
      • Home country (the country where you reside)
      • Phone number of the mobile phone you’ll use while traveling
      • Your employee or student ID number
      • Personal emergency contact information
      • Your department or school
      • Your role at the university
      • Click ‘’Update’’ and you’re done!

      Find full instructions in the User Guide on the ISOS website.
      If you need Emergency Assistance: +1 215-942-8478

      If you need Technical Assistance: +1 215-354-3862

      If  you need Technical support: +1 646-259-0477 or

      Step 2:  Create a trip/enter your travel itinerary

      Two Options:


      1. At WPI MyTrips, Log in To Create a Trip or Update My Profile
      2. Enter your username and password. (Your username is your WPI email address.)
      3. Click on Create New Trip in the navigation bar.
      4. Enter the trip name or the confirmation number for your trip.
      5. Based on your itinerary details, start adding the trip segments by clicking
        the appropriate tab.
      6. Enter all other information requested, including purpose of your trip, whether you are traveling with someone else, emergency contact information in the country or countries you are traveling.


      The Forward itinerary functionality provides a convenient way to submit your itinerary details to MyTrips by forwarding your itinerary via e-mail.

      Forwarding your own travel itinerary:
      If you have an e-mail with electronic data from your booking, (flight reservation, hotel reservation, etc.), forward your itinerary from your e-mail address to: for an automatic upload.

      Forwarding a travel itinerary on someone else’s behalf:
      Forward the itinerary to the traveler’s e-mail address and cc:

      After creating your travel profile, you can update your information or add trips at WPI MyTrips.

      Find full instructions in the User Guide on the International SOS website.

      KEEP YOUR PROFILE UP TO DATE to ensure you receive essential medical and travel security advice during your trip.

      Step 3: Read Your Pre-Trip Advisory

      You will receive a Pre-Trip Advisory from International SOS highlighting the travel risk pertaining to your registered destination. You should read this and WPI students are required to acknowledge receipt of same.

    1. Register My Trip

       Follow this PowerPoint for a visual guide on how to register your trip. 

      • Step 1: Create or update your MyTrips account 
      • Step 2: Register your individual travel- 2 ways to do this:

      • Step 3: Read your Pre-Trip Advisory (PTA)

        • Students are required to acknowledge receipt of the PTA. 

    2. How Do I Register a Group Trip with International SOS?

      One Spreadsheet. One Upload. Your Group is Registered!

      •  The guidance on this page is for the administrators of group travel. We recommend you submit your group travel spreadsheet a minimum of 2-4 weeks prior to departure. 
      • Who is an administrator? 
        • For using MyTrips, an administrator is the person responsible for compiling the spreadsheet. 
      • To register your group you will need to complete the Group Travel Spreadsheet Template. The instructions below will show you how to fill out the spreadsheet. In addition, on the spreadsheet, there is a tab labeled "Legend WPI" to help you with each of the columns.
      • Please Note: We are working with International SOS to continue to make the spreadsheet easier to use. Because of this, we recommend you always check with the directions on this website before completing a spreadsheet. This site will contain the most accurate information on how to complete the spreadsheet. 
      • If you have a team within your department that is interested in an in-person training contact and we will help facilitate.

      Group Travel Participants
      You do not need to register! The administrator for your trip will take care of the registration and nothing is needed from you!
      If you want to view your travel information you must first create a profile in MyTrips. It is important to set up this profile using your WPI email address. Once your profile is created you can view your group travel information as well as have the ability to add any additional travel information. 

      Spreadsheet Development (For administrators)
      Please view the Group Travel Spreadsheet Template ''WPI legend'' for information on how to complete the necessary fields. It is important to follow the instructions contained within the ''WPI Legend''. Compilation of the spreadsheet involves 5 steps as outlined below;​

      STEP 1 Personal Traveler Information: Name/Email/Mobile Number/WPI ID
      STEP 2 Trip Details: Sponsoring Dept/ Affiliation
      STEP 3 Accommodation Details : Hotel Name/ Address/ Check in and out dates
      STEP 4 Additional Accommodations (if necessary)
      STEP 5 Upload Your Spreadsheet - SAVE YOUR COMPLETED EXCEL SPREADSHEET to your desktop. 
      Then email it to and it will be reviewed to ensure it complies with the International SOS requirements. We will send it to International SOS. Once received, your travelers will receive a registration notification from International SOS, typically within one week.  

      FAQ What if there are changes to the spreadsheet?

      • If you have already submitted a spreadsheet and changes occur, e.g. student drops class, simple edit the spreadsheet, append "_UPDATE" to the end of the file name, and upload it again. NOTE: Please do not upload the specific change. The entire spreadsheet, reflecting the updated information must be uploaded. In the system, the new spreadsheet replaces the entire record of the old spreadsheet.

      FAQ Can alumni be added to the spreadsheet?

      • No. Only current WPI students, faculty and staff, on WPI-affiliated travel are covered by WPI's international travel medical insurance. As such, they are the only people to be included on your spreadsheet. ​

      FAQ Additional Spreadsheet Support?

      • International SOS is continuing to make adjustments to this spreadsheet. As such, all spreadsheets come to us for review before they are uploaded. If you have any questions regarding your spreadsheet we are happy to help. ​Contact 
    3. How Do I Register a Trip on Behalf of Another Traveler?

      You may register for someone else in one of three ways:

      METHOD 1 – Proxy Registration (For administrators) 

      You must register through the International SOS TravelTracker Manual Trip Entry system for administrators, per the following:

      1.  You must first create a MyTrips Profile
      • Go to WPI MyTrips
      • Click on Create My Profile
      • Create your profile using the same instructions for Create your traveler profile

      2.  Contact and request access to the TravelTracker Manual Trip Entry system for administrators. You will be sent an email giving you access to enter this system.

      3.  Once you have been given access by International SOS TravelTracker and you have created your profile:

      • Go to WPI’s International SOS portal page;
      • Click on TravelTracker Administrators login here under the *Travel Registration* section
      • Login to your MyTrips account with username and password;
      • Click on Tools in the top navigation bar and select Manual Trip Entry;
      • Search for the traveler’s name by first name, last name, or email address. If they have created a profile, it will appear in your search. Once you select the traveler, you will be able to view the traveler’s profile details. You can change the traveler’s profile details here if needed. Or, if the traveler has not created a profile, you can create one at this time.
      • From the existing (or new) profile page, click on Create New Trip and Add FlightAdd Accommodation, etc. to manually enter the travel details.

      METHOD 2: Manually adding a trip though a traveler's MyTrips account. 

      You must have the traveler’s MyTrips login credentials (username, password). If you have the traveler’s username and password, you may add a trip by following these steps:

      1. Go to WPI MyTrips
      2. Click on Login to Create A Trip or Update My Profile
      3. Enter the traveler’s login credentials
      4. Click on Create New Trip in the upper left corner of the International SOS MyTrips screen
      5. Add the information about the traveler’s trip (you will need in-country contact information, purpose of the trip, etc.)

      METHOD 3 – Forwarding a travel itinerary on someone else’s behalf:
      Forward the itinerary to the traveler’s e-mail address and cc: If the itinerary is not accepted via the forwarding a travel itinerary option you will need to complete the registration of the trip manually via Method 1 or Method 2.

    4. You Should Also Register Your Travel with Your Embassy
      • After registering your travel through the WPI MyTrips Travel Registry, WPI strongly encourages you to register your travel with the embassy of your country of citizenship.

      For U.S. citizens: Use the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

      Non-U.S. citizens: Consulate with your country’s embassy or consulate for best practices in registering your travel. You may find it useful to use the embassy/consulate search on

    5. MyTrips FAQ
      • If I am locked out of my MyTrips account?
      • If you try to login to your MyTrips account and get locked out, an email will be sent directly to WPI to unlock your account. Once your account is unlocked, you will be notified by International SOS. You will then be able to go in and reset your password. ​​
        MyTrips says my profile doesn't exist.
      • If you try to login to your MyTrips account  and see a screen that says "Your profile doesn't exist." contact ASAP. This problem is unfortunate and inconvenient, but easily remedied.We are currently working with International SOS to make sure this problem does not persist, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience and if you contact us, we can assist in fixing it.
      • How do I cancel a trip?
      • Log into your MyTrips account  .You will see your trip information below your profile.If a trashcan icon is listed at the end of a trip detail, click on this trashcan and the trip will be deleted. If your trip was created by "Agency" then it was registered as part of a group trip. Cancellation of group trips are handled by the group administrator. If you are unable to cancel your trip in MyTrips, contact and we can help. 
      • How do I change my travel details?
      • If your travel plans have changed, e.g. checking in a day earlier, or airline changed flight times, you can make these changed in MyTrips. The method for changing travel details depends on how the trip was registered:
      • Manually Entered: Click on the trip name. Then within the trip details, click on the pencil icon and edit your trip details. 
      • Forwarded Itinerary: your only option is to delete that portion of the trip and either forward your new itinerary, if you have one, or manually enter the new trip details. 
      • Group Trip: The group administrator will make those changes. 
      • Finally, if you need to make changes and are unable, contact, and we can help. 
      • What if I booked a trip using my personal email?
      • If you booked travel through a personal email address you can do two things. First, you can forward this itinerary to your WPI email address then forward to International SOS. Or you can add your personal email address to your profile on MyTrips. If your personal email address is in your MyTrips profile you can then forward any itinerary from that personal email account. 
      • What if my forwarded itinerary was unsuccessful?
      • There are ways that an email forward can be unsuccessful. Three of the main reasons are listed below:
        • The forwarding email was NOT an itinerary confirmation. The system will only accept itinerary confirmations; it will not take receipts or correspondences. Make sure the email you forward contains itinerary details and confirmation number.

        • The itinerary was submitted as a jpeg or png image of the confirmation. Images or screenshots of an itinerary will not be accepted. The original email confirmation must be forwarded unedited. 

        • Though the system accepts itineraries from a large number of vendors, it does not accept them all. It currently accepts flights, hotels, car rentals and bus reservations, and the list of vendors and capabilities continues to expand. If your itinerary was not accepted but it contained itinerary details and a confirmation number, it may be a current vendor limitation to the system. Contact with the vendor and type of travel you forwarded, and they can confirm if it is supported. If you have any additional questions regarding your upload please contact

      • What if my itinerary has multiple travelers on it?
      • If your booking includes additional travelers the system will only register the first traveler listed. It is best to only forward itineraries that are for one single traveler. If you are on a group booking, and not the first traveler listed, you will have to manually enter your trip details in your MyTrips account.
      • What if my itinerary is a PDF attachment? 
      • If the itinerary includes a PDF attachment, the attachment should be included when forwarding an itinerary. However, each individual itinerary should be forwarded (i.e. two attachments cannot be processed within the same email)
      • I logged into MyTrips and my travel isn't there!
      • The system may have caught a slight difference between the traveler information listed on the itinerary and the traveler information listed in the profile. This can cause a trip not show up in your profile. Contact if this happens to you.
      • Can I register my domestic trip?
      • Yes. However the travel medical and security insurance is only available outside the US (but does include coverage in Puerto Rico). 
      • What if my travel plans have changed?
      • If your travel plans have changed, you can forward the latest confirmation email including the trip changeIf the trip confirmation number has been kept the same by the vendor, then the trip change will be accepted. If the confirmation number has changed, then you will need to log into MyTrips to delete the old travel information. 
      • NOTE: Notification emails on changes to your trip, e.g. an email from an airline that your flight has been changed, cannot be forwarded. If your travel plans have changed and there is no updated itinerary confirmation email to accompany that change, you must log into MyTrips and manually adjust the trip information. 
      • What if my itinerary is not in English? The system supports 28 languages;
      Bulgarian Catalan Chinese Czech
      Danish Dutch English Estonian
      Finnish French German Hebrew
      Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese
      Korean Norwegian Polish Portuguese
      Romanian Russian Serbian Spanish
      Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese

      PLEASE NOTE: It will not translate/convert any languages in the itinerary segments which are forwarded.  It will only parse out the necessary content based on what is provided in the itinerary.  For example, for a French language itinerary, the itinerary information will remain in French and not be converted into English.

      • What if my travel is cancelled?
      • Unfortunately, trip cancellations are not supported by forwarding feature. You will need to manually delete these trips by logging into your MyTrips account .
      • Can I register personal travel?
      • MyTrips is designated for WPI-affiliated travel only. Personal travel can be registered only if it occurs within your WPI-affiliated travel dates or 7 days before/after the WPI-affiliated trip.
        What if my question is not listed?
      • Many questions can arise with a new system. If your question is not listed here, or if you need additional assistance, we are happy to help. Contact
    6. Download the International SOS Assistance App

      In your smartphone’s app store, search for International SOS and download the International SOS Assistance app for free. You will use this app on your smart phone while traveling abroad to view your itinerary, make changes to your itinerary, find emergency assistance if necessary, receive important notices about the country/region you are traveling in, and other important functions/activities.

      1. Create your user account. NOTE: You must use your university email address when creating your account.
      2. To use the same password for both your app and online accounts, follow this format:
      • Must contain at least one capital letter
      • Must contain at least one special character [@#$%^&+=_]
      • Must be at least 6 characters

      3.  An email will be sent to your university email address for verification. Click the link in the email to verify your account.

      Remember your password! While traveling you’ll use this app to view your itinerary, find emergency assistance, and other important functions.