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When you are abroad and need assistance WPI is here to help you. WPI partners with International SOS, the world's leading medical and travel security services company.

In case of emergency: 

+1-215-942-8478: International SOS​

+1-508-769-0117: Gl​obal Experience Office Duty Officer ​ 

+1-508-831-5555: WPI Campus Police

  • Utilizing International SOS and it's 24/7 Travel Assistance

    Students, faculty and staff traveling on WPI-Sponsored travel are members of International SOS, which includes travel medical insurance.  

    International SOS (ISOS)* membership includes:

    • 24/7 medical and security consultation

    • Hospital referrals

    • Travel medical insurance

    • Emergency evacuation assistance

    *In order to be pre-authorized to use International SOS, travelers must register their trip through the WPI MyTrips Travel Registry. 

    Contact International SOS

    International SOS is available 24/7 to provide medical or security assistance before or during travel.  When possible, please contact International SOS first for a referral before seeking healthcare abroad.  

    Philadelphia Assistance Center

    Visit the International SOS WPI Portal to review destination guides, travel advisories, and membership benefits.

    Before you leave, call International SOS to prepare for:

    • Travel security concerns: "Can you tell me which neighborhoods I should avoid when booking a hotel?"
    • Vaccinations: "Are there any required or recommended vaccinations for my destination?"
    • Entry requirements: "Am I able to acquire a visa on arrival, or will I need to get that in advance?"

    While abroad, call International SOS when you:

    • Need a local doctor or emotional support: "I haven't been feeling well, can you refer me to an English-speaking doctor?"
    • Need advice: "There is a large protest gathering outside my hotel.  Can you tell me what is going on?"
    • Need document assistance or legal advice: "My passport was stolen. Is it safe to go to the local police?"

    In an emergency, call International SOS immediately to:

    • Reach WPI: "One of my travel partners didn't return home last night. Would you alert the right people at WPI?"
    • Provide help if your safety is at risk: "The flood water is getting pretty high. What should I do?"
    • Monitor your condition: "I'm at the hospital but I am not sure what they are saying. Would you speak to them?"
  • Download the International SOS Assistance App

    What is the International SOS Assistance App?

    The assistance app is a pro-active risk management tool that provides WPI travelers with:

    • Location-specific information to enable them to make informed decisions while abroad;
    • Real-time safety and security alerts, based on a traveler’s itinerary or geographic location, to notify travelers of any event(s) that could potentially affect their travel, personal health, or safety;
    • Quick access to dial International SOS;
    • The ability to live chat with International SOS operators and case managers; and
    • An instant check-in feature allowing students to report their wellbeing and location back to WPI in the event of an incident.

    Who has access to the International SOS Assistance App?

    All WPI students, faculty and staff who register their WPI-Sponsored international travel in the MyTrips Travel Registry will be expected to download the International SOS Assistance app on the mobile device they will utilizing aboard.

    Download instructions are provided to all eligible travelers within the International SOS Members Portal.

    How does the International SOS Assistance App know what alerts to send?

    The app provides information based on the traveler’s itinerary registered in Mytrips, the traveler’s last known GPS location, or the countries that a traveler has subscribed to within the members portal or app.

  • Emergency Assistance

    If you have had an incident abroad, we encourage you to let us know. This allows you to put the incident in your own words and it helps us provide better support to our international traveling community.


    +1-215-942-8478: International SOS​

    +1-508-769-0117: Gl​obal Experience Office ​ 

    +1-508-831-5555: WPI Police

    Non Emergencies and reporting of incidents:

    geodutyofficer@wpi.edu: Global Experience Office Duty Officer

    +1-508-831-5433: WPI Campus Police

    +1-215-942-8478: International SOS

    Calling International SOS 24/7 

    Call International SOS as soon as possible in an emergency situation. They can assist with arranging medical transportation and care, monitoring your condition following a medical issue, initiating a medical or security evacuation if appropriate, and provide advice relating to your health, safety, security, lost documents, or need for legal assistance. 

    • Dial the international access code for the U.S. (usually 001).
    • Then dial 215-942-8478 (call collect, if possible).
    • Identify yourself as a WPI traveler.

    International SOS accepts collect phone calls. To call collect while abroad, dial 0170 and you will be connected with an international operator.

    International SOS works closely with the Global Experience Office to immediately notify us of any issues requiring the coordination of WPI support.

    Calling the GEO 24/7 International Emergency Line

    When you call the GEO 24/7 International Emergency Line you'll be directly connected with a staff member of the GEO who will triage the call and notify the appropriate campus personnel. 

    • Dial the international access code for the U.S. (usually 001).
    • Dial 508-769-0117.
    • Identify yourself as a WPI international traveler and give the country you're in.
    • State your name.
    • Tell the responder what happened.
    • Tell the responder how to contact you.

    The 24/7 International Emergency Line is staffed by mandatory reporters.

    Evaluating Incidents

    Call the local emergency services if:

    • There's risk to life, limb, or eye (then call International SOS as soon as possible to ensure appropriate care and assist with payment)

    Call the International SOS if:

    • You need urgent or same-day assistance.
    • Travelers may also call the GEO 24/7 International Emergency Line.

    Email GEO if:

    • You're letting WPI know that you're safe, despite a recent in-country emergency.
    • You want to report a health, safety, or security incident that doesn't need immediate or same-day action.

    Reporting Your Status to WPI

    In the event of a major security incident, GEO will reach out to registered travelers that may be affected to see if you're safe and healthy. You can help by letting GEO know you're okay! Please send us an email to geodutyofficer@wpi.edu.

    If you need emergency assistance you may call the GEO  24/7 International Emergency Line at +1-508-769-0117.

    If you aren't sure if a local event constitutes a "major security incident", consider if you think it will make international headlines. If you aren't sure, err on the side of caution and get in touch by email.

    Your Domestic Emergency Contact Information

    GEO may contact your designated emergency contact person(s) in the event that you:

    • are unable to speak for yourself.
    • have been missing for more than 24 hours.
    • are perceived to be a danger to yourself or to others.
    • are in a location where there has been a significant health, safety, or security incident and we haven't been able to contact you.
  • Incident Specific Steps

    Advisors and program leaders should always contact the GEO staff, who will help them navigate the emergency. In some instances there are steps that should be or may be taken before contacting us. The information is provided to assist advisors, program leaders and others aware of an incident in thinking through their initial actions. 

    Medical or Mental Health Emergencies

    1. Threat to life, limb or eye — call an ambulance! Here is a list of local “911” equivalents around the world.
    2. Contact International SOS (ISOS) for a hospital/physician referral at 1-215-942-8478 and reference membership number 11BCAS785861
    3. Let Global Experience Office (GEO) know:

    Safety or Security Emergencies

    Victim of a crime:

    1. If safe to do so, contact the local police to report the incident and get immediate help. Request a copy of the police report. Here is a list of local “911” equivalents around the world.
    2. Contact ISOS for assistance with stolen documents, security intelligence, information on local laws, and medical referrals at 1-215-942-8478 and reference membership number 11BCAS785861
    3. Consular officers are also available for emergency assistance 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and can connect you with the appropriate local authorities. Here is a list of U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.
    4. You can also contact the U.S. Department of State (DoS) directly from overseas by calling 1-202-501-4444 for help with emergency needs that arise as a result of the crime.
    5. Let GEO know:

    Victim of sexual assault:

    1. If you are the victim of sexual assault, follow the guidelines above for Medical Emergencies and Victim of a Crime. Be aware that in some countries, local authorities may not be as helpful or understanding as one might expect in the U.S. If you have questions about the local culture and attitudes towards sexual assault, contact the DoS from overseas by calling 1-202-501-4444 and contact International SOS. 
    2. You are encouraged and in some cases required to report the incident.
    3. Let GEO know: Via geodutyofficer@wpi.edu or online international incident report form
    4. Find support and more information on the Pathways to Safety International and RAINN websites.

    In the event of terrorism, a violent uprising, or natural disaster:

    1. Shelter in a safe place and monitor the advice of local authorities and International SOS.
    2. The DoS will notify and advise you (first by email) if you enrolled through STEP, the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
    3. Non-U.S. citizens can also sign up to receive travel alerts and advisories by email but will not have access to the same emergency services. It is advisable to check with your own Embassy for similar programs.
    4. GEO will attempt to notify you, verify your well-being, and arrange for needed transport if you are registered in the International Travel Registry.
    5. Registering your WPI related international travel is: Mandatory for all students, staff, and faculty.
    6. Let GEO know you are ok or need assistance.

    Other Emergencies

    Arrest or detention abroad:

    1. Personally notify, or ask the prison authorities to notify, the U.S. embassy or consulate. Here is a list of U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.
    2. Contact your supervisor or trip leader, and relatives.
    3. Let GEO know:

    Involved in a motor vehicle accident:

    1. Report the accident to the local police.
    2. Follow medical emergency procedures if needed.
    3. Let GEO know:

    Missing persons:

    1. Let GEO know:
    1. GEO will assist in calling known emergency contacts and local partners.
    2. Notify the local police and file a missing person’s report.
    3. Notify the nearest Embassy or Consulate of the person’s citizenship. Here is a list of U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.
    • Note that the U.S. Consular officers will reach out to hospitals and law enforcement agencies to see if U.S. citizens were admitted or arrested but cannot divulge their findings without the written permission of the missing person.
  • Reporting an Incident

    Global Experience Office is the best contact point to activate University support in an emergency while traveling abroad. We should be informed of emergencies as soon as possible to provide guidance, coordinate campus support, and inform relevant stakeholders.

    All incidents impacting WPI students must be reported via: